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Love Thought

What do we do when the love is gone?? It’s crazy how people fall in and out of love It’s even crazier how they play with people’s emotions for their twisted pleasure. In a world that needs more love and compassion. We lack the enjoyment a person gives The pleasure of a conversation into their soul. The love they give when they can’t even love completely. The enjoyment of letting guards down When all they want is to run and hide. You fight for them To just break them at the end Broken hearts and promises Damage soul resurfaces Where has the love gone? Can we honestly say we showing love? When love has been replaced with Lust, infatuation, and so much more. Another love thought journey when the world is going bizarre. Let me know what y’all think. God Bless


I blog for many reasons, the love of writing, to inspire and touch someone life. No matter what I'm going through in my life. It's a get away when my SC becomes to much for me to handle. I love to get carry away in MY WORLD! I'm on a JOURNEY to discover myself. God Bless! :)

4 thoughts on “Love Thought

  1. Hi PJ,

    I wish you all the best on your journey to discover yourself. With our marriage reaching 32 years in January, I feel very blessed. We are in love just as much, if not more than on that day when we exchanged our vows. Making a commitment doesn’t mean the path will be sprinkled in rose petals until the end of time. Commitment takes work, but true love, respect, and communication are the cement disallowing any fracture to occur. Without those, the odds are slim. My quick two cents. 🙂 xo

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    1. Lauren,

      Well said, thank you for sharing your thoughts and lessons you learn on your journey. In due time God will bless me with someone. I agree with communication. My parents were married almost 38 years before he was called home. Many Blessings

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      1. Aww, that’s wonderful about your parents, PJ, but sorry to hear about your dad’s passing. Life is hard, isn’t it? I know you’ll find that right person, but I will say that my hubby and I met unexpectedly, so keep that in mind. Anytime I looked for love prior to us meeting, it was invisible. 🙂

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      2. Life is very hard. Going be strange celebrating Thanksgiving when he’s not here. All in due time. It’s crazy when u look for love, you get someone who’s never worthy of you. That’s beautiful meeting the love of your life unexpectedly. God bless

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