Day 1, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Good Evening,  I know its been awhile since I truly shared anything about me.  As of right now,  I’m in hospital. Seem I came down with something. Running fever, chills,  nasty cough.  Actually all hit me yesterday like a ton of bricks. I got admitted last night.  My pain is t under control yet. Whatever I got hit all of me. I took a strep test and flu. Still waiting see what’s what.  Anytime a sickle cell patient got a fever something is wrong. I had a great group of people on my team when I came in. So thankful for that. I also had my love Lexie with me. She didnt want leave my side. It amaze me the love of a child. She just turned 8 2weeks ago.  I hope have more share next time with you all. I hope all is well with each and everyone of you all. God Bless



  1. praying for your healing. my 5 year old is fighting sickle cell as well. but with the stripes of the Lord Jesus Christ you both are healed. I’m praying and thanking God for your healing…quickly.


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