Who Am I?

I’m trying to find myself, but it seems I’m broken.

Everywhere I look, I lose the courage

to pick up the pieces

I once look into the mirror

and broke down, because it wasnt my reflection

I’m trying to find myself….

Who Am I?

I’m Broken

Tears seems to fall, as I gather my thoughts together

I’m afraid to share my life with someone

because they wont understand me

I feel like im damage,

I feel like I cant do it..

I feel like I’ll just crumble

What happen to the woman

I was,

I stood strong,

I layed there and let him break me down

I don’t realize just what kind of hold he had

I’m so broken,


Who Am I?

Im Finding Myself



Actually got inspired to write this poem from a dear friend: http://glimpsesofred.wordpress.com/, and I put some of my own thoughts in, I left it to end like that because I plan on coming back with poem to finish it out. Sometimes we let different things take over our life and not realize it and it tend to get the best of us. Do enjoy and let me know what you all think. God Bless 🙂

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