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Love Journey Thought

My love journey seems to be at a standstill. For whatever reason at the moment. It’s weird how you can meet so many people that can have a character trait of what you want out of spouse/soul mate. Maybe its sign to stop and enjoy being alone and not worry about having someone to be put in your world. Or maybe its sign that they looking for you just as much as you looking for them. It’s crazy how meeting someone when you weren’t expecting to meet anyone can turn your whole world around.

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My Love Journey P.5

I done said it many times before, but just in case you havent went back to read the other post with the same title. You’ll see the title more than once, but you’ll see a number at the end of each JOURNEY!  On My Love Journey, has taken me through somethings, and I have learned somethings as well. When I was in Middle School I had a friend who was in the same group with me I believe Future Teachers of Alabama, I think that’s what it was called, or was it High School? Who Knows.

Anyways how many time’s or have you ever heard YOU CAN’T LOVE SOMEONE YOU NEVER SEEN? That can mean in person or havent laid your eyes on them by seen a picture,video chat or whatever.  Some may even say it’s not normal to meet someone offline and to be in love with them? Hmmm…. Well I have heard that a few times, and have argue my case as well.  Now back to my story at hand, since this is my blog for thoughts and whatnot I guess its okay for me to change subject as I please long as I don’t lose you all in the process. My friend mom told me and a few other young ladies that she met her husband online and well you know the rest, they married of course. My thing is love is everywhere, we just got to be willingly to have an open mind to it. Sometimes we miss out on that opportunity and someone good can slip right through your fingers. Now I’m not saying we should all be open-minded to founding our true love online. I was actually going to make this into a book and I might still do. I have talk to different people, on how they met they soul mate. I have an older cousin who said that her husband she met him in the club when she went for the last time. She stop going of course and gave her life to GOD, and he still wanted to be with her he follow her soon after. God knows what he doing! As you take my JOURNEY though My Love Journey you can see where I have been and where I’m at now.  I honestly believe can’t nobody tell us who we can and can’t love. Thats whats wrong with a lot of people now, we telling them who they can and can’t love. Sometimes we have to learn from our own mistakes, to see it for ourself. I actually have a friend who had to learn a few of them. I do have permission to share they story on my blog, since  it will eventually get use for my book. I will not share they names, but will tell you what I learn on they LOVE JOURNEY!

I believe that all I will say on this post since I have little one’s calling me and Discussion Board due tonight! I love to hear any input and feedback from you all. You all know I’m curious as to what you all think on anything I post! Do Have A Bless Saturday! God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected