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Bigger Picture

My heart hurts so bad right now
I done made the biggest mistake
And fallen for a man
Who only thought of me
As a chess piece
The time I needed to be strong
I fail myself
Im standing in the rain
With a broken heart
Im a Queen
In dire need
If you see me walking with
Head hanging down
Please mind your own business
Im dealing with my lost
One after another.
I need to go back to the time things
Was simpler and remember my damn
God will give it to you

And take it away.
Im dealing with my lost
And having a talk with my master
Let me do this alone.
He never left me when I had it all
And didnt know how to act.
Dealing with heartbreak when
The world going thru pandemic
It seems so trivial.
To worry about a Lil heartbreak.
When God is showing me a bigger



Hope you enjoy. I have been working on this piece for over a month. Glad to finish it for poetry month. Do let me know what y’all think. God Bless

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Your Worth


Did you lose it?

I see you downgrading yourself

Sweetie he don’t want you

If  it was you, he wouldn’t

be with her and her…

Knock Knock

Whats your worth

Don’t let the sweet talk fool you

Baby you looking good tonight


Baby I’m sorry I’ll never hurt you again.


Know your worth

It’s worth more than he can

give you

You fighting for a man

that don’t want you

You spreading your legs

for a man whose not worthy

of your goods.

You a child of the most high

A queen who has lost her



Your worth is more than you selling

yourself for.




5/21/12 Registered & Protected

I have written about worth many time’s before, but we can never have to many poems about worth. I see so many people selling themself short.  Do Enjoy! God Bless 🙂

Do let me know what you think, I feel like I’m missing something!