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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
Who Am I
Do you deceive me…
I don’t recognize the person looking back…
I see bruises
And forget where I been…
I feel like I’m chasing sleep to recover time…
Mirror Mirror …
Why am I suffering ..
When everyone is moving on…
That did me harm…
All I want is be free..
What have I done wrong to deserve all this…
All I want is to be free from this turmoil….




After reading silent Kim poem yesterday it gave me the courage to finish this poem about a person dear to my heart. I don’t know how it effects ya’ll, but been there for her, I can understand where Kim is coming from. Her poem pull at my heart and finally gave me the courage to share my poem to the person dear to me who love it btw the and working on art piece to go with it, so once it done I’ll share with ya’ll once again. Do enjoy and let me know what you all think. God Bless 🙂 Just remember you all are never alone, God is with you even when it feel like the world has left yall to sit ad riot and the turmoil of the mind.

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Ready for Love….

Don’t tell me I’m young
I don’t  know what I feel
My heart is feeling love
I don’t know how to explain
My feelings
My head says its to soon
My heart is rejoicing
To a new love in my life
Don’t tell me I’m not ready
I done been through hell
I’m standing here ready for
Whatever meant for me
I maybe young in your eye’s
But I know what love about..
I’m Ready….
For what my God has for me..
Stop, don’t speak..
I know..
What I’m feeling…
Its love…
I’m Ready…

Dedicated to Love Journey of course. Another poem,I wrote a few months ago, but couldn’t finish to now,and finally got inspired with then titled. Do let me know what you think and enjoy. God Bless

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Fallen Fighter ( sickle cell)

I just receive news you have pass away
I know we havent talk are seen each other in awhile
I use to hear how good you were doing
My heart aches
You have left a beautiful child and hubby behind
My heart is aching
You fought a good fight
I pray you rest in paradise
Only God knows our pain
Im thinking why, but i know he needed
You more.
Heartbreaking news
Hits so close to home
My tears want let me stay strong,

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Dedicated to sickle cell fighter who has pass away. Sickle Cell Awareness month started five days ago.

I can’t finish poem just yet, bare with me while I get my head and heart together. God Bless Each And Everyone Of You!

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My heart has been unlock

You amaze me, in more  ways then one, i was broken and the way you showed me compassion i haven’t seen in long time. I tried so many times to not have feelings, your smart mouth pull me and won me over…
You was gentlemen, you made me smile and help me to heal and move on. I love the fact you have a relationship with God, such a beautiful thing for a loving soul. Don’t get it twisted we will have our moments and trash talk one another. But long as you know my heart and how im feeling
I can chill with keeping it to myself. I usually just let it pass me, but i believe you are one of a kind and hate to miss my opportunity,
To such a loving soul. When God made you he truly design you to do wonders. I believe im digging you more then i want to admit.

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Will be dedicated to love journey,and hoping to come up with title once I get some sleep. Its truly dedicated to new chapter in my life. Enjoy and do let me know what you think. On that note, God Bless and Night

Finally got a title of the poem with help of my bestie! Shout out to her. 8/31/13

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Unbelievable Love

My love is unbelievable
I want to share it with you
Give you what you may have been missing …
My love is truly unbelievable
And I’m trying to see if you are worthy of my heart!
Can you say you are deserving?
Because of right now I don’t believe you are
My love is totally unbelievable worthy to Mr.Right
And let me tell you I’m not impressed!
Cause my love is for who God decides for me to have…
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Actually a month or two ole but I bless to finish it today! Do enjoy and let me know what you think!
I may change title!

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