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Only You….

You make me happy….

You make me sad….

I don’t know how to express myself…

I’m torn….

You make me happy…

You make me sad….

Why do I feel so


I’m trying to reach my point &

and make myself happy…

You make me happy…

You make me sad…

I can’t deal with your moods…

You either loving me,

are you hating me…

I can’t deal…

I want your love…

all year around…

You make me happy…

You make me sad…

I don’t know how to explain my heart…

I do know you a confuse man…

and think I’ll be here forever…

Some may say

Only I can make myself happy…

I would think loving..

someone you choose ..

will do the same…

When I’m away..

I’m happy…

When I’m near…

I’m torn..

Your moods are pushing

me away…

You make me happy…

You make me sad…

I may myself happy…

I can spread my wings & fly…

You make me..


I’m complete when I’m away…

from you…

You gotta be remove outta






I actually wrote dis one while I was sick and before getting put in hospital. Some things needed to be shared, so do enjoy and let me know what you all think. God Bless 🙂

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I’m not here for myself

I’m come humble as I can be

I’m praying for many others,

then myself.

I know you got my situation

taken care of..

So I’m down on my knees

for my friends & family

Thank You Lord

Watch over the grieving mother

give her strength to carry on

while bringing another life into

this world..

She’s hurting right now,

but I know you make no mistakes…

Dear Lord

Touch the loving mother

who staying strong for her baby girl

who going through such ordeal

Thank You Lord…

My God Is Good…

Dear God,

I’m here

down on my knees

praying for many others

You been too good to me…

Thank you Lord…

this prayer is for you & you

Don’t lose FAITH

He hasn’t forgotten you

Down on my knees

humble as I can be…

My God Is Good..

Yes, he is..

My Lord, I ..

Thank You …

In Jesus Name…



~PJ~ Registered & Protected

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Fragile Heart


 I tried loving him

Showing him a different side

He was a fragile man

Every time he had one foot.

Out the door

The other one was still with

His ex.

Loving him was rough

When all she did was play with

His emotions & mind

~Fragile Heart~

The poor foolish man was torn

I didn’t fight because to fight

Would’ve been pointless

I’m known as cold less

So I know the way the heart works

I had to keep my mouth shut

I have been told

I kill with my tongue

Loving a Fragile soul

Has shown me many things

You can’t heal what don’t

Want to be complete

You can’t mend a broken heart

If they still stuck in the past

Loving that Fragile Man

Showed me things and mad me stronger

I didn’t let him break me or make me bitter

I THANK GOD for having me through it all

Without him I couldn’t make it

All I could do is pray for

That Fragile Heart

And many more like him


PoeticJourney Registered & Protected

Once I get the chance I will share my first copy of Fragile Heart and you can pick whichone you like the most. I try and have it up later tonight! God Bless

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The Best Life Quote

Today I give thanks for life…I thank God that I have a job to go to this morning, I thank him for the yogurt I had for breakfast..I thank Him for the one dollar bill I had in my purse to give to the lady needing money at the post office..and I thank Him for blessing me, loving me, forgiving me,and watching over me. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean soo much!…..—

I choose the quote because its giving thanks and Thankagiving in a few days and I have post to go with it tomorrow! Dose of Reality is getting to me! On another note we should always be Thankful no matter what! God Is Good! God Bless 😉

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Who Said

Loving him

was going to be easy?

I wish I woulda known

what I know now.

Who said..

walking away was going…

to be easy?


Why I had to fall..

fall to I can’t fall anymore..

Now I’m stuch down here..

brokenhearted and can’t

get a grip of reality.

You Know..

I tried to hate him..

My heart couldnt’ even go there.

I had talk with God..

I know I’m not surpose to hate

but do forgive me..

All I could do ..

was cry..

because hate couldnt even come.

I figure if I hate..

I wouldnt love him anymore..

Who said..

It would be easy?

I wish somebody woulda..

told me something.

I feel like..

I lost myself..

and now trying to rediscover

who I’m surpose to be.

Yeah yeah..

You lose some..

win some?



I ain’t trying to hear that.

All I want to know..

Who Said It..

Would Be Easy?

PoeticJourney Registered & Protected