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Two Faced

The lies you tell, make you
One minute you sweet
The next you curse the person
Who been there for you..
Two Faced..
Don’t smile in my face
While you push knife
Deeper .
You make me sick..
I was there for you when
You needed a friend. 
Lies destroyed our friendship.
Two Faced.

PJ Registered & Protected
Don’t it just urk your nerves when you meet fake people..Got inspired to vent and clear my head! Lesson learn for us when we stomp our toes

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Don’t say a word…

I’m not ready to hear…

When I was ready

you spoke lies to my

mourning soul..

Don’t say a word..

I’m not ready to take heed…

I gave chances and chances..

and your betrayed me..

Don’t say a word

My heart is done

I don’t see you the same..

Don’t say a word..

I’m done listening to you

whine about how sorry you are…

I’m stronger than your lies,

Don’t say a Word…


~PJ~ Registered & Protected

Will be dedicated to love Journey, took me awhile to get it just right, you know me I love to make sure its just right before I share with you all. Do let me know what you all think. Enjoy and God Bless 🙂

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Your deceitful lies…

disgust me…

your deceitful lies.

broke me…

I’m a broken woman

feel with rage…

Your deceitful lies

betrayed my heart

in more ways than one

how could you spit your

lies and tell me you love me

and not know the meaning…


fool me…

Rage destroyed my kind soul…

that was once feel with love.



the poem is truly dedicated to the love journey, do enjoy and let me know what you think. God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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It took a man of God

his lies destroyed me

his honesty heals me

he destroyed everything in me

he replace every piece that was

once broken in me

The way he love was poison

to me

It took a man of GOD to open

my eyes to real love



Actually true story,dedicated to my Love Journey! Do Enjoy!

As you see I have no title for this poem, if you have any ideal, do let me know. God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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Child Of God

Down on my knees crying out

Lord knows I felt like

it was the end of the


with broken heart

He told me to get up

and wipe my tears


My love isn’t worthy

I’m not ready for Love

Please don’t cry


I never thought it would

get this far

Im not worthy of you

You have a heart of GOLD

and you deserve so much


Everytime I look into your


I see the Worth of you

and I regret all the lies

I told you


Don’t cry

I’m not worth your tears

please dry your face and take heed

to the words coming from my


I’m sorry but you deserve

so much more than me

I came into this relationship

base on lies, only looking

for one thing

But I saw the real you,

and I knew you were protected

Stop right there

don’t cry

Dry your tears and listen

You don’t deserve to be

treated like your nothing

Your more than I can give you

Your A Child Of God



 Thank Gabby & Everyone for helping me choose the title I have above! truly meant to a lot to me that so many have  help! God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected