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Chemo Meds? (hydroxyurea)

Hello World,

604290265As I mention a few post back about meds they have me on and I would stop taking once again. Every since I  stop taking, I done had less and fewer headaches.  You would think they would have come out with meds just for us sickle cell patients instead of pushing the chemo meds unto us. I done tried these meds like three different times. I am damn if I stay taking it and not feeling my best. I have read the good and bad with the meds. But all I see is the bad, to be honest. This med can cover up the fact you be in crisis by making your levels look good when you not. It can make you lose your hair and also cause you to have cancer. And much more side effects. Oh yeah to top if off you not suppose to touch the meds without gloves, but they want us to take it?  Ding Ding Ding, where the good at people? I don’t see it are either I just don’t care for the good. Some of the so call doctors only want to pump us with meds just to get us out of there faces. Last year I had some problems with E.R doctors. They didn’t want to do they damn job and could have cost me my life. I was seen in E.R over 10 times in one period of a month. My retic was high as I don’t know what came down to it when I was in full blown crisis, my counts were low as heck. I don’t know how I walk in that hospital but I knew for a fact I wasn’t walking out of it the same day. I was so thankful to have good E.R doctor that day. And I was on and off that meds at the time. How am I suppose focus if my head feels like it wants to explode into next week? How do you make time with your family count when all you feel is downright awful? So many questions and not enough answers. I have two doctors that’s, not in my area, but I hate to have travel long way when I’m hurting. Sitting too long in a car is so painful. You don’t have to have a sickle cell to understand where I’m coming from with that.  I have been on Folic Acid since I was young and to be honest, I rarely take that med every day than to take chemo meds that give me more problems than it should. What do you do when you done gave it chance after chance, you throw in the towel with the meds and move on and live your life as best as you can. I’m either nausea all day are drained and just want to sleep. Why not correct a med just for us that may do more good than bad? It’s bad enough we having a fight with our body on the inside, but it would be nice to know someone was out there creating something to help us along this journey to live instead of giving up the fight as so many of us have. It is even nice if someone was creating a cure for it as well. Yes, I know only God can do that, just hurts to read so many losing the fight. Until next time God Bless 🙂

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Recovering/Information On Disease

I seem to be stuck with cold ever since I got out the hospital and can’t get rid of it for some odd reason. I never had this problem before getting over cold. The New year is almost here and have two new doctors to see coming up in a few weeks. One is for my headaches I was getting all the time. I don’t get them as much right now, which is a good thing. But after doing more searching about my disease and learning about why I could be having headaches everyday. I learn something that  I didn’t know that it could be cause of a tumor. Since I’m the only one in my house hold with my illness, its good for me to study on it and learn as much as possible. You do know with seen the different doctors I do have, they never mention anything about me having tumors. I don’t know if that a good thing or bad thing, part of me make me think they don’t believe it could be that serious for me and then other is they probably know I can’t handle no more awful news. Also the other doctor appointment is about why I have so many antibodies in my body. Since its hard to find my blood type, I like to say thank you to each and every one of you whose been praying for me and still praying for me and who donates blood or know someone who does. Last time it didn’t take long to find my blood type. I was so happy! I was just in the hospital that long because of a slow ignorant doctor. Seem like he don’t know how to talk to a lot of people’s, and think people s have to take his lip and attitude. Thats a negative! Hey my mouth is working process.  I had a good  Christmas, wasn’t down in my body or stuck in hospital, did have a doctor appointment before Christmas. It went sorta good and sorta not. Yay for getting took off one medicine and boo for getting put on a new one that suppose to be better for my headaches. If you don’t take medication on every day basic, you or truly bless, and don’t ever take it for granted.  If some had read up on my disease because I havent made it back to do all that good stuff. That post should be up sometimes this week. Different ones with my disease can take the medicine to help them have less crisis, but to be honest I never really needed it before I got put on it when I was younger and it didn’t;t agree with me. I almost died in 06, so that’s when I got introduce hydroxyurea.  I usually take Folic Acid, that been working for me every sense well shoo forever. Seem like I’m everywhere with my post today. I’m pretty sure more to come this week, hate to bore all of yall in one post. 🙂



I do love all my followers, you have truly been a BLESSING to me on my JOURNEY, can’t wait to see how 2012 goes for us. Many Blessings to each and every one of you, like to welcome all my new followers, and say glad to have you on my JOURNEY, can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you as the year goes out and as the new year comes in. God truly knows what he doing when he seen certain peoples in your life that you never expect to make a mark on you.