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Its been awhile since I been able to post and just enjoy blogging.  So since September come in, I have been loving the fact its my month to bring awareness about sickle cell. I’m on Facebook a lot and in many groups dealing with my illness. Seems so many our the warriors have died. I had got to the point of why am I fighting when we get treated so poorly when we go to er. That be another post for another time. I hope to share some stuff through the month about some of the things  and so many other go through.  My doctor appoint on Tuesday went very well, my blood count is highest it ever been. I haven’t been transfuse since early June. Don’t even get me started on that hospital stay and how many times it took before they took me serious about my pain. Even though counts r good, can’t say the same about my headaches, they have got worse. Lets just say I’m taking more meds to get them in check. I’m trying to stay on top of them and not get ct scan. It could mean many things. Another post later down the road. I had eye appoint  last month, it went so so. they have to stay on top of them. I’m on eye drops  and have to wear glasses. I’m nearsighted big time Sorry to make the post so long, but its been awhile since I posted and wanted to do mini update.



I’m hoping to visit many blogs over the weekend.

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Hello and Welcome to my world. I got out of hospital the day before the 4th. Blood count had drop 6.5, but I wanted to be home. I’m off my steroids. I had stop taking them before I was cleared. But got the lovely news while in hospital. Had good nurses and my doctor wanted to be on his P’s and Q’s. Surprise me cause I was ready to get rid of him. I’m doing better then I was…Headaches are giving me hell. But I’m pushing on each and everyday. At the moment me and bro staying at parents house, we currently having plumbing problems. I’m missing my peace and quietness. I had update doctor appointment, since been out of hospital. It went good, blood count went up tremendously:) I just wanted fill you in what’s been going on since I been quiet. As of right now I’m not feeling my best and don’t know what’s going on. I’m trying to see how long I can stay out of hospital. Please do keep me in your prayers. Many Blessing:)

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

thumbnailSCDHello and Welcome to my World. I done had two different check ups since I been home. I have one more towards the end of the month. I’m still working on changing primary doctors. I can’t say I’m surprise that the hospital I been going to don’t do business with some doctors here. I must say I met a lot of nurses that work with the hospital I used to go to and know my doctor very well. Like I told him since you wouldn’t admit me the first time, I had to go to another hospital. I refuse to be in pain, and you suppose to be my primary doctor. I’m still waiting  on my labs from last week and to see how my chest x-ray looks. Umm I did all this last Thursday, and still haven’t heard crap. I haven’t had my steroids since I got out of hospital last week. You would think he would let me know something. I done call office a few times. I saw my blood doctor today, and got good report. My blood count is good, still holding its on. I couldn’t be more happy. I’m dealing with headaches once again, seems like there getting worse every since I got sick last time. I’m praying I don’t see inside hospital for nothing, but I know that’s not going to happen. I went last week to get xray and stuck. I believe nurses hate to see me coming. I give them one chance to stick me, hello I have port, put it to use. But the last two different people from both check ups, did good.

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Will be short post, haven’t bn feeling my best for three weeks now! Trying to stay on top of my studies, and praying not to get sick. I truly hate this time of the year, not good for my body. Actually made doctor appointment today for my headaches, they have got worse making it hard to focus. I’m in crisis as of now, but blood count is holding its own. Honestly if I tend to be in pain I may have to do some hospital time. Its taking a lot out if me to do the post, so ill end it here and pray all is well! God Bless:)

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Recovering/Information On Disease

I seem to be stuck with cold ever since I got out the hospital and can’t get rid of it for some odd reason. I never had this problem before getting over cold. The New year is almost here and have two new doctors to see coming up in a few weeks. One is for my headaches I was getting all the time. I don’t get them as much right now, which is a good thing. But after doing more searching about my disease and learning about why I could be having headaches everyday. I learn something that  I didn’t know that it could be cause of a tumor. Since I’m the only one in my house hold with my illness, its good for me to study on it and learn as much as possible. You do know with seen the different doctors I do have, they never mention anything about me having tumors. I don’t know if that a good thing or bad thing, part of me make me think they don’t believe it could be that serious for me and then other is they probably know I can’t handle no more awful news. Also the other doctor appointment is about why I have so many antibodies in my body. Since its hard to find my blood type, I like to say thank you to each and every one of you whose been praying for me and still praying for me and who donates blood or know someone who does. Last time it didn’t take long to find my blood type. I was so happy! I was just in the hospital that long because of a slow ignorant doctor. Seem like he don’t know how to talk to a lot of people’s, and think people s have to take his lip and attitude. Thats a negative! Hey my mouth is working process.  I had a good  Christmas, wasn’t down in my body or stuck in hospital, did have a doctor appointment before Christmas. It went sorta good and sorta not. Yay for getting took off one medicine and boo for getting put on a new one that suppose to be better for my headaches. If you don’t take medication on every day basic, you or truly bless, and don’t ever take it for granted.  If some had read up on my disease because I havent made it back to do all that good stuff. That post should be up sometimes this week. Different ones with my disease can take the medicine to help them have less crisis, but to be honest I never really needed it before I got put on it when I was younger and it didn’t;t agree with me. I almost died in 06, so that’s when I got introduce hydroxyurea.  I usually take Folic Acid, that been working for me every sense well shoo forever. Seem like I’m everywhere with my post today. I’m pretty sure more to come this week, hate to bore all of yall in one post. 🙂



I do love all my followers, you have truly been a BLESSING to me on my JOURNEY, can’t wait to see how 2012 goes for us. Many Blessings to each and every one of you, like to welcome all my new followers, and say glad to have you on my JOURNEY, can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you as the year goes out and as the new year comes in. God truly knows what he doing when he seen certain peoples in your life that you never expect to make a mark on you.

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I’m home, and doing much better than I was. I have little pain every now and then not as bad as it was before I went into the hospital. I’m so glad to be home.   Since I’m home as you can see I want mention days etc as if I was still in the hospital. I don’t want ya’ll thinking I want pity or whatnot. I suppose to be enjoying my weeks off from school, but I have two tests to make up and my final of my Research Paper Due. I do not like the D’s in my English and Psychology class. That’s what zeros’ get you.  So I have to make a doctor appointment with my hemoglobin doctor, I will be making a post about that very shortly so I want go into much detail about it right now. But back in September after I got out the hospital and went to see him I was happy to get good news about not having to see him to the New Year. As we  all know the New Year isn’t here quite yet, so little o’ me have to see him. I see him Friday, so I will have post letting you all know how it go. I hope it goes well, I’m praying it does. I’m asking for prayers, if ya’ll don’t mind praying for me some more. If not I do understand. Oh yea if ya’ll haven’t figure out from my post I hate doctors and hospitals as well as needles and anything to do with it. I only go see my doctor or even the hospital meaning E.R if I’m feeling bad. Yea I know that’s not good in my case. Let me tell ya’ll a secret I don’t like getting stuck, I hate needles. I hate when people don’t know what they doing. I have memories of turning blue, black because they hurt me so bad because they were so careless. I remember crying so bad because I was in so much pain I had young guy come in the room who was also in the hospital and try to calm me down, Let me tell you something it didn’t work. I don’t trust peoples who have needles in their hands. I ask tons of questions. I have only a few nurses I will let touch me and not mess my face up. I’m supposed to be updating ya’ll on how I’m doing and I’m telling ya’ll my experience I see what my adopted daughter means I need to learn to stay on subject. Loll! Well I felt like it was the only chance I would want to tell the story so I had to share it with ya’ll. As I was saying at the beginning of my post doing much better just have the headaches which could be the death of me no joke. They or in painful and the medication they have me on doesn’t do anything for me.  I enjoy the good days or hours while I can

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You come and go

so intense

that you make me run and hide

into the dark

Some call them migraines

and some sinus headaches

I call them pain in my butt

As I lay  in the dark

The throbbing intensifies

bring tears to my eyes







The way you make me feel



In case you wondering with the extra words at the end, umm thats how I feel when I have my headaches. I feel like my head is about to explode. NO JOKE!!! Registered & Protected