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Happy 11th Birthday

Today is your birthday
Its time to celebrate
Turning another year older
I can’t believe how fast your
It seems like yesterday.
You were born.
Now you turning the big
Happy Birthday.
My cat lover
My slime maker.
My sassy mouth
Curly head.
I’m so thankful for you.
Happy Birthday
My love
Its time to party.



No greater love than God. When she was born she was always a happy baby. I could be hurting and she would brighten up my day. Funny thing is I was hoping they had her on my bday. Enjoy n God Bless

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Happy Birthday


Today is your day.

We are celebrating you…

I hope you enjoy your day

God has made for you.

I can’t believe you not a baby


Today you turn 9,

where has the time gone?

I remember when I use

to wake up in the middle of

the night, when you’re cried….

You are my love…

Today is your day…

We are celebrating you…

Your day is today…

Happy Birthday baby girl

Auntie loves you…



Every year since she been born, I try to write a poem dedication to her. Time truly flies.

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Happy Birthday…
Let’s make this day…
As unbelievable as..
I love the way you..
The way you show..
Me love is magical.. 
To the young man..
Who have the other..
Half of my heart…
My prince…
Is turning the Big 6..
My little Iron Man..
Ninja Turtle. 
Kungfu fighter..
I pray you enjoy your. 

Much love

I actually wrote it yesterday but since i haven’t bn feeling my best. I didn’t get chance type and upload.  Enjoy

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My Day

Today I celebrate another
Year on earth.
Its my day
Set aside from the rest.
God created me back when
Blew breathe in me
Save me from myself…
Most of all, love little oh me
Today is my day…
I plan on living as if its
My last day on Earth..
Telling love ones I love them
Enjoying the lovely people God
Put in my life…
Happy Birthday to me..
Oh how sweet it was to hear
Mr. Man sing Happy Birthday
2 me..
He made sure he wasn’t left out
To give me some love over
Happy Birthday
2 me!


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Fighting 2 Live

Fighting to live!
Today I could’ve died on operating table!
Its suppose to be joyous day
Getting older and wiser!
Fighting to Live!
My body is in for a fight!
I’m praying I make it
To it’s truly my time to leave this world!
Fighting to Live!
Today I turn 29!
And I could’ve¬†took my last breath
I’m not complaining
I’m just going to take back my life and give it to God!
Happy Birthday 2 Me!
Fighting 2 Live
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