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Word of Wisdom

EVERYONE can’t really HANDLE, what God’s Getting READY to Do in Your Life NEXT..!!! WORD of WISDOM: CHOOSE Carefully who You SHARE Your HEART, Your DREAMS, and Your FUTURE with…

Good Morning, Hope and pray everyone has a good Saturday and message speak to someone heart/soul. God Bless

Do bare with me I plan on catching up on blogs some this weekend.

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Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word Of Day)

God will open the door, but you have to have faith and be courageous to step in. Don’t let the memories and the fear of what happened to you in the past, to keep you from receiving what God has for you today. Don’t be a prisoner of your past experience. God is always doing something new each day. Your future is brighter than your yesterday. Today is a gift, enjoy it.

Good Evening, I pray and hope message speak to someone heart and soul. I pray all is well with each and every one of you all. God Bless

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Word Of Wisdom

Words do hurt, but the most painful words are the ones you said or didn’t say about yourself. I challenge you to have a conversation with your future today and declare… I’M STILL COMING!!  #SayIT #StillComing
Good Afternoon, God truly good and I pray who read this message touch somebody heart/soul. God Bless

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Bless the Little Children

So many dying left and right….

So many are been abused…

by the one’s whose supposed to

love & protect…

My heart cry’s out for the


Bless the little Children

Bless the one’s

who have lost the fight….

Dear God..

Why such hate…

for our children…

I’m sick and tired of reading

and hearing abuse

done to our future….

What’s really going on?

My God

My God

I’m tired of such hate and pain

Bless the little Children..



I wrote the poem a few months ago, and wasn’t satisfied with it, but I had and was ready to share. I’m tired of hearing little one’s dye, we got to be more careful… Do let me know what you all think and God Bless:)

I may still tweek it some, so bare with me

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Fallin’ In Luv

I could fall in luv a thousand times…

I can make luv a thousand times..

I can have you for eternity..

just fall in luv one time..

Fallin’ in luv

I could dream a thousand times of our future

I can make you happy a thousand times

I really want it to be one time so it could

last 4eva!

cause I only fall in luv

with a you once!

Fallin’ in luv

I could write your name in the sky a thousand times, I can tell

you I LUV U a thousand times or more

that’s my true dream

~PJ~ Registered & Protected

This poem is dedicated to  Love Journey, actually wrote the poem when I was younger and it’s actually publish, but when I came across it a few weeks ago I wrote a newer version of it, hope to share it with you all soon.

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I’m Done

You seem to keep goin bak and forth…
Not sure where you want to be…You see the pass and dont ever want
to get go…I cant Do It!You playn games and yourself….All I see now is a hurt
young man…stuck in the passThe future hold so much opportunity
you not willin to take it.

All i have to say Is Im Done

I tried to heal your pain
you let me n and let me
walk out as quickly as
I came….

Yes, Im Done!!!!!!!!

I cant make you see there
are good in peeps…

One mistake from a woman got
your mind gone…

If you love like you say you
You would fight to overcome the
pain and to hold on to real love…

I can only give lil of it,
because Im not walkn into a
trap of unforgivness over
my head…

You see me as the enemy…

When you goin to wake up and
see a Strong Woman?

PoeticJourney Registered & Protected