Bless the Little Children

So many dying left and right….

So many are been abused…

by the one’s whose supposed to

love & protect…

My heart cry’s out for the


Bless the little Children

Bless the one’s

who have lost the fight….

Dear God..

Why such hate…

for our children…

I’m sick and tired of reading

and hearing abuse

done to our future….

What’s really going on?

My God

My God

I’m tired of such hate and pain

Bless the little Children..



I wrote the poem a few months ago, and wasn’t satisfied with it, but I had and was ready to share. I’m tired of hearing little one’s dye, we got to be more careful… Do let me know what you all think and God Bless:)

I may still tweek it some, so bare with me


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