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Love Thought


How can you be still in a relationship when you have so much resentment towards your partner? What happened to just leave and started over when time right? I know some of us hate the starting over the process. You have learned another person again, tell them your life story and blah blah blah. We become worried and concern when others may not except us like the one we been with for years. Do we stay just stay? Do we make it work? What do we do when someone else may come in not even knowing they woke something up inside of you that you haven’t felt in a long time. It could be just a conversation, the way they carry there self. I like to know whats y’all thought on the topic?

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I cherish you

A friend is you
Someone that’s there when you need them
Shoulder cry on
Someone you can vent/rant to.
I cherish you.
You have been there for me in my darkest hour.
I cherish you.
You there for me.
I’m there for you.
You are a friend
I cherish you.
I thank God for you
You are a friend for life
I cherish you
A friend is someone
Like you.
I cherish our friendship



It’s a blessing when God bless you with a good friend. After reading so many poems on friendship. I got inspired to write one about my friend. Enjoy and God Bless

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Love Lesson

When starting a relationship. Do you believe and think its best to be friends first are just jump in head first.

I believe in getting to know a person and becoming friends. Its good have a bond with someone. Knowing the good and bad. Some say friendship is good because you learn the end and out of the other person. You grow as a couple and some may think it’s not good. You could run them off once they get to know you. Some may see the ugly and not want to put up with it for a lifetime. Some may see it and love it and know how to handle it.

Why jump in head first without thinking. Some may succeed in that kind of relationships and some may not. Makes me wonder is it safe to do relationships that way. So many questions running thru my mind when I think about starting a relationship without been friends.

Love to hear yall thought and opinion on this topic. Thank you for joining my love journey.

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Word of Wisdom

Be around friends who are just as determined as you, just as inspired as you and laughs just as much as you do!
Positive energy creates positive outcomes.

A woman working alone is fierce but women working together as a team is a force.

Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. What a powerful message I got Bless with and wanted to share. Lately, I have been thinking do we truly know when to let go of the past so we could be free to enjoy the positive of what God has for us. I hope the message to speak to someone soul/heart. God Bless

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My Love Journey P.7

Even though I’m late with the post because I’m not feeling my best. If you knew to the post, You’ll see this post more than once, but with number at the end of it. 🙂 If you havent read the other post with the same title, please do check them out.

So the question today is WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR BESTFRIEND BETTER HALF? Would you keep it to yourself? I ask this question because I have been in this predicament a few times.  I lost a friend in the process because of the truth. I have had other friends tell me they would want to know whats what.  I never though I would lose a friendship over this, but sad to say I lost one and it’s not the same. Sad thing about it, we are related. I kept the truth to myself because she was so happy, but then it started eating me up and I finally decided to open my mouth. Guess I should’ve kept my mouth close huh?

I love to hear what you all think! Registered & Protected