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When you start not care anymore…
Moving on never felt so good…
It helps when they make it so..
I Thank You..
You the REAL MVP..
I love you for helping me..
Let go…
The less I care..
The more Joy…
I feel inside..
I can’t complain…
When you showing me,
The true you…
I can only Thank You…
When care turns into…
That’s when you know stupid..
Ran its course..


Wrote the poem while I was sick.  So much I had clear my mind/heart. Feels good when you let your heart do what it loves.. Let Go and express.. dedicated to My Love Journey..  No title as of yet..

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Hope you happy

I hope you happy with your choice
I know I am,
I feel so free. 
I gave you me
But you wasn’t happy
So these is my farewell to
I send my regards to you.
Don’t you ever say I didn’t do right
By you.
I hope you happy
Smiling with joy.
I pray the next fool,
Believe all your lies
I hope you happy ..
I’m free and I
Most admit, I never
Felt so good..
I hope you’ll happy…
Here’s my farewell kiss


Finally got inspired to write last night, before crashing out! But the rest came to me few seconds ago! Do enjoy and God Bless 🙂 Truly dedicated to My Love Journey!

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A Woman Worth

A woman worth
You had me and did me wrong
I’m finally free and living my life.
I see you missing me
But sweetie it doesn’t phase me
My worth is more then the stress you put on me…
My worth is more then the lies you told …
You seem to forget I’m a child of God and the hell you put me through, I didn’t have to take..
Woman Worth …
Its shoulda, coulda, woulda…
You lost my value along time ago..
I sat here waiting & wondering
When dis fool going see my true WORTH…
I supposed after I’m gone and free…
Thank God for setting me free..
What’s your worth?

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We got to stop letting these men take us thru hell, we deserve so much better. Thank God we free. Once again got inspired by a free ladies in my life! Do enjoy and let me know what you think! God Bless 🙂

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My body is Weary

But I’m still holding on

To his hand (GOD)

I know I’m not alone

Even when my body is

Battling itself

How can we be at

Ends with each other

When all I want is

To be free of pain

Though my body is


I’m praying for

Better days.


PoeticJourney Registered & Protected

All I had time to do, more to come. Its working process…..