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My Love Journey Thought….


During my Journey recently a lot of different things have come to my knowledge. As I was having conversation with my best friend about her journey. Im not big on saying follow your heart. For the fact, at times my heart and head are saying different things. Deep down I feel like I’m betraying myself. What I mean part of you want to forgive and the other half want to hold your ground and move on and just stay guarded. We got to know when to do what’s best for us. Sometimes bn guarded can do more harm to us then heal. Something I’m still learning.

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Dear God

I’m coming to you for myself

I seem to have lost my way

I let so many obstacles get

the best of me

When I should’ve put all

my FAITH in you.

I’m here down on my knees

crying out…

Dear Lord

I’m In Need

of your mercy

I love how you forgave

each & every time

even when I didn’t deserve

your forgiveness…

Dear GOD

I come to you



~PJ~ Registered & Protected