Dear God

I’m coming to you for myself

I seem to have lost my way

I let so many obstacles get

the best of me

When I should’ve put all

my FAITH in you.

I’m here down on my knees

crying out…

Dear Lord

I’m In Need

of your mercy

I love how you forgave

each & every time

even when I didn’t deserve

your forgiveness…

Dear GOD

I come to you



~PJ~ Registered & Protected



    1. Thank You Wendell for your lovely comment and reminder, I hope your night is going well for you. I’m actually over here trying to get some studying in before I call it a night…. God Bless 🙂

      Thank You for the likes and uplifting comments, truly means a lot…


      1. I wish you blessings as well! and for a fact our prayers are heard and will be answered when everything is orchestrated into place and we are ready… It is never on our time but we can’t give up.


      2. So true, he answers on his time! And when you serious about it, you’ll wait to he respond! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your wisdom! God Bless 🙂


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