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Love Lesson

What a powerful message. I wanted to take it back and just share a love lesson. Were so quick jump in a relationship just as well as jump out of it without fighting for it. We have lost how to communicate with our other half. When to love and when to throw in the towel have become the new norm. We have stopped trying to fix us and started moving to the next person.

When do you decide to fight? And when do you just walk away? Is love worth all the ups and downs? In my opinion, I believe it’s worth it.

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My Love Journey P.13

Hello and Welcome to My Love Journey, if you new make sure to check the other post out with the same title just different number.

I know its been awhile since I posted in My Love Journey, Tonight I want to talk about social media when it comes to relationship status. I don’t know much about twitter and how it works. But I have been on Facebook for a few years now. When it comes to who you dating and how long and if you marry and how long. I don’t believe its serious to broadcast your business about whats going on to everyone. What I mean about that, well awhile back this young lady on my list made a status about not been happy with her boyfriend, he was upset because she choose to put it out for the world to see before coming to him about the situation. I’m not just saying only the young people or putting their business out. I have seen older folks do the same.I believe if you having problems in your relationship, you should take it up with your partner. You wonder why everyone is in your business, HELLO you putting it all out so everyone can know your business. So I like to know what you all think about the subject of the matter. I could go on and on about it. Its kinda annoying to hear people complain about different one’s in their business, but don’t think twice about what they doing.

I love to hear from my fellow followers, so do share your opinion/thoughts on this situation. I surely can’t wait to hear from ya’ll. If I have forgotten something, I make sure to comment to your question. Registered & Protected