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My Love Journey P.8

Even though it have been a long day for me, I do have a question to share with you all.I don’t feel right saying you all and not ya’ll! 😦 Yes, you may have seen this title before and guess what you’ll see it again but you’ll see it with numbers at the end. YAY! If you new to my blog make sure to check out the other post, and let me know what you think.


The question today is…. The quest for love? In other words have you ever went out just looking for it? I know many of us have and probably wont admit to it. But I was talking with my cousin and told her about my book ideal and she gave me this ideal. The Quest for love or My Quest for Love. Not sure which way to go with it.Okay back to the question at hand Have you ever went looking for love? it seems like when we go looking for it we tend to find something that’sΒ a waste of our time.Β  Or to say it nicely something that wasnt meant for love. I know the ladies or not the only one’s to look for love. I have met a lot of guys who look for love the Mrs. Right! Seem like that Mr. Mrs. is nowhere out there. Not true, GOD will put that person in your life when he know you ready for them, and not before then. Who know that Mr/Mrs, may be in your life already and you havent open your eyes up, but you got to remember if he/she for you,Β he/she will be back.


I do love to hear from you all! All opinions or truly welcome πŸ™‚Β  Hope Everyone Is Having A Bless Night! I hope I haven’t left anything out but if you bring it to my attention, I’ll make sure to respond in comment! πŸ™‚


I blog for many reasons, the love of writing, to inspire and touch someone life. No matter what I'm going through in my life. It's a get away when my SC becomes to much for me to handle. I love to get carry away in MY WORLD! I'm on a JOURNEY to discover myself. God Bless! :)

20 thoughts on “My Love Journey P.8

  1. well… I am probably the last person to give advice since I’ve never had a bf because of constant traveling in my life. What I will say is that, the bible teaches that when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing (Proverbs 18:22). So in essence, I was taught that women should focus on the things of God while men go out and search for their “mrs”. So far…I think this holds true considering how I started to pursue something that could never be. The utter disappointment of it all has led me to think that this is true. Women – we are ladies in waiting…but while we’re waiting we are grooming ourselves to be better than our old selves as we wait on the Lord for “Mr. Right” to show up in our lives. Since I’m in a waiting period, I can’t say what the right thing would be. All I can say is never lose hope in God for directing your divinely connected spouse to your address. It’s a Faith thing. also, it’s not a man that makes you, it’s God who does. πŸ˜€


    1. Sherline,

      I like what you had to say, thank you for your input. I actually like what you had to say. Doesn’t matter if you never had a bf for whatever reason. You know we learn from other people experience and not just our experience. I have learn so much from observing. Thats why I love doing this post and hearing from all of you. This blog is my opinions and other opinions as well πŸ™‚ HONESTY LOVE! πŸ™‚ LOVE IT!

      You know I have also heard that we sometime have to help ourself as well. Sometimes we expect things to fall into our laps without doing anything! Have you ever heard that. I use to read this young lady blog on another site how badly she want bf. its like she thought it was magicly fall into her lap. GOD knows what he doing, so we got to hold on to FAITH and never let go! I would hope people don’t think a man make them, if they do I need to pray for them. God Bless πŸ™‚


      1. So true. by waiting we don’t necessarily wait passively for a “man” to drop from the sky. You gotta put yourself out there and be active and yet focused on building yourself in environments where you can interact and socialize with the opposite sex. I don’t advocate passivity here. On the other hand allow God to groom you for your man and also pray not only to be better, but also it could be that the Lord is grooming your life partner during that period of waiting. Also remember that a spouse doesn’t make you who you are, it’s God who does πŸ™‚


      2. I believe so many people need that reminder a spouse doesn’t make you who your are, it’s GOD who does. I believe I need to have that as a question one of these days. What you think?


      3. yep that’s so true.I think it should be a question. I guess when I look at my age and seeing a majority of my friends married and I’m left alone…I often wonder if God is listening…but remaining frustrated won’t change anything, oh so I have come to realize over time. That’s why I’ve shifted my focus on pleasing God more and am focusing on ministry as a lady in waiting. However, after I made that conscious decision to focus on ministry, I’m now starting to experience an overwhelming “candidate” phase situation where certain men are coming out of the woodwork in the process but are not necessarily trying woo me for the right reasons. To some extent we have to consider that some people are destiny breakers so it’s a tread with caution thing and that is why I often emphasize the need to increase discernment. it is oh sooo important especially in relationships at any level. Always look and wait for God’s best. It’s the waiting part that people hate. but sometimes the best things come from that waiting period like Abraham’s longing for Isaac to be born. It was a long waiting period but God fulfilled the promise.


      4. Maam

        I like the way you think! πŸ™‚ I feel the same way, so you not alone, but I know at same time I’m not ready to be settle down right now. So thats why my MR. RIGHT isn’t in my life, who knows he might be, but I’m to busy been about me for once! Feels good when you focus on yourself to better yourself. And you right so many see you doing good with your life, they try to break you down. Stay strong and you doing that! πŸ™‚ So true indeed! We have to be patient, let me tell you I’m still working on that for other reasons when it comes to my health, My cousin was tellng me you got to be PATIENCE or is that the other way around! Always tend to get them mix up! lol I actually have a poem call PreacherMan, that I plan on sharing one day once I find it! lol


      5. Hey PJ

        Like Sherly i have never dated, i don’t travel at all its just that I came to realize that no one has ever seen me in that sense. Its true what you and Shade are saying, i was never the person i am and it has taken me 7 years to fix my life from the wreck i was and its all God preparing me for something in my life. I am a bit of a softie inside and i am constantly searching for Mrs. Right. I disqualify a lot of people who my friends would kill for because i can see the greater sense of things, the path i would take, where it would lead right before my eyes when i am looking at someone. I have exposed myself so much so i can meet new people because my life journey is great and even so i am hoping to meet her, no matter where she is. I am a person who can live across boundaries and things that can limit most people. I have never seen a long distance relationship as a hindrance. I guard myself jealously even if i put myself out for people to see because not everyone is meant for me. I am looking for love, not even afraid to say it πŸ™‚


      6. Russell,

        Glad to see you pop in this post, and to see you been honest as well. Where my other male followers? I suppose they hiding! You know you have much to give a woman. As you say I’m special, I truly believe you special as well! You have come along way.

        OAN: still not getting my emails, so if you have twitter make sure to follow me so I can see who have new post to i get the email situated!


  2. I didn’t have to go looking for love PJ. Dave and I found each other at 16. I think we all have a soulmate and God put’s them in our life when we’re ready. Going out looking for love can be a big mistake I think. You just may be meeting up with plenty of Mr. Wrongs or Miss Wrongs (I know guys look, too). Hope that was a good answer! πŸ™‚ I am loving this Love Journey, for real and all the fun questions and stories! πŸ™‚


    1. Gabby,

      You was so Bless to meet your soulmate at a young age, and I do love your answer! You was honest with it! I agree it can be a mistake, I’m so glad you enjoying the Love Journey! I like that and I believe GOD put them in our life when were ready and not when we think we ready! I have so many more stories to share. Once my health is in check, I type many more of them. )


  3. journey, I think you are so correct when you say “Mr./Mrs. Right is right out there; you just haven’t been able to see him/her yet.” God WILL show you if you remain serene in your faith on this issue.


  4. I’m not sure what to recommend as I’m still a student of the subject πŸ˜€
    But, one quote I always liked “happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but if you sit down quietly it just may land upon you”


  5. I believe that when we put too much emphasis on looking for love, we either won’t find it or find something not worthy of our love. This really runs parallel with others comments…As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I met in a funny way, neither of us was looking for it. So, it’s all in God’s timing, not ours. It’s better to let go and let our paths unfold…:) Hugs to you, PJ!


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