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Love Thought

SINGLE LADIES🌺You might be too heavy in the eyes of some men, but too petite for others; too smart for an uneducated man, but not smart enough for an intellectual; too wise for a foolish man, but not wise enough for a man of wisdom, too talkative for a shy man, but too quiet for an outspoken man; too short to reach the man of your dreams, but too tall to lower your standards, too conceited for humble man, but too passive for a man of confidence. Keep in mind that you will appear differently in one man’s eyes compared to another’s, but in the eyes of the RIGHT man, you will be PERFECT – for Him! #holdon #yourebeautiful #besoencouraged💃🏾❤️💕

Good Afternoon, I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God Bless

As I continue on my love journey, for inspire with another message to share with y’all. Would love hear what you all may think. God Bless