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Love Lesson

If somebody loves you, they won’t make you Guess. You’ll know.

I was supposed post this message a few months back but life knows how to slow us down. Growing up we couldn’t tell if someone cared for us. You know this would have been a very important message for me in my younger years when I was confused and wonder if he did or didn’t. Sometimes we still need that confirmation but if you got guess then you already know the answer. Hope bless someone spirit today. God Bless

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Does love sound like a conversation starter

When it comes to love, do we truly take in consideration if we both ready? Should we talk among ourselves see where we’re each both stand with one another? Love is truly a conversation starter. How do you all feel about it,? Do you just go into love without having talked about it? Hell, that’s like going into relationship blind? My thoughts on the matter. Sometimes love to surprise us and slap us in the face wake us up? Usually, I go into a relationship not prepared for anything major. I let them know not looking for anything. Sometimes it’s best to start off as a friend and go from there. So the question at hand does love sound like a conversation starter? 

658599-my-valentine-wish--african-american--a-beautiful-woman-with-love-on-her-mind-insert-your-own-text-inAll that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not
Deep roots are not reached by the
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadow shall
Renewed shall be blade that was
The crown less again shall be king

~J.R.R Tolkien

Something about this quote, just speaks volumes and wanted to share. If not all and only pieces speak too you. That’s okay as well. I need get sleep, but for some odd reason my body won’t let me.

Thought Of The Night!!!!