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I’m praying for you
And you, yes you
And many thats dear to
My heart
so many are going through
different battles and
Feel like they alone
My heart goes out
To them
The young woman
Who just received news
Of her cancer is back
While missing her mom
And wishing she had
Her to help get her through
One more time.
To the young man
who filling in as a father and brother
To the mother who fighting to
Live so she can make it back
To her children
to the young mother whose
Trying to find a way survive
I’m praying for my blogging family whose in need of healing
God hasn’t forgotten you
My soul cries out
Thank you Lord
Thank You Lord

Its truly not finish, but wanted to share it with you all, I hope I get the strength to finish it soon. Do enjoy and let me know what you think! God Bless 🙂

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Word to the Wise(Spirtual Word Of The Day)

“Only the strong survive” now how about the strong use to be weak, but had to go through or survive some things to get that way. Weak is what we use when we have failed too many times, but I take it as I’m strong because I still had the strength time and time again to survive! Take weak out of the vocabulary and replace it with survival. Be Blessed!!

My motivation and inspiration for the week is STRENGTH. Knowing no matter what you going through you or survivor. Things get bad you keep pushing on even when it hurts.  Hope it touch someone as much as it touch me. God Bless! 🙂