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Year almost over and got me thinking

of different conversation we had, and

ones that were never said for whatever reason.

Maybe we should’ve just left things the way it was from get go.

Maybe not, who knows?

Only GOD!

It’s been a minute since I heard your

voice, I was scrolling thru phone for

song to sleep to, and you waltz in my

thoughts, and what the different songs

mean to me.

I do miss you, but must of all I pray you

well, happy.

Time to let things go for good and I see

that more now then ever.

I hope dis reach you in good spirit,

cause I’m not sure what it doing to me.
Happy Holidays and for last time, I love

you and goodbye…


So many memories, it’s always good to let the past go and work on the future. Haven’t came up with a name just yet. Do enjoy n let me know what you think. GOD Bless