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Happy Birthday


Today is your day.

We are celebrating you…

I hope you enjoy your day

God has made for you.

I can’t believe you not a baby


Today you turn 9,

where has the time gone?

I remember when I use

to wake up in the middle of

the night, when you’re cried….

You are my love…

Today is your day…

We are celebrating you…

Your day is today…

Happy Birthday baby girl

Auntie loves you…



Every year since she been born, I try to write a poem dedication to her. Time truly flies.

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Your deceitful lies…

disgust me…

your deceitful lies.

broke me…

I’m a broken woman

feel with rage…

Your deceitful lies

betrayed my heart

in more ways than one

how could you spit your

lies and tell me you love me

and not know the meaning…


fool me…

Rage destroyed my kind soul…

that was once feel with love.



the poem is truly dedicated to the love journey, do enjoy and let me know what you think. God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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Sad News

Sad news around me

I heard you pass away

the way you left the world

is so heartbroken


Bless your soul

I wish you would’ve

thought and prayed to


before you took your life

Sad News

I’m sorry to hear

she lost the fight

I know it was her time

to go home to be

with her creator

I’m not going to say don’t


I’ll be fool to tell you

not to mourn

Sad news

Can we all bow our heads

today and hold the one’s

in pain in our thoughts

Sad News

You left us

I pray you at peace

You left so many love one’s


Sad News

I lay in bed thinking

what could possess

him to choose the

cowards way out

Only God knows

The devil is busy

Sad News

she live a good & long


I know she at peace

with our Dear Lord


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Yesterday  I receive news someone had pass, I know if many reading the poem, you probably already know who I’m talking about. And not to long ago heard from a friend whose mother lost the fight. Do continue to keep them in your prayers. God Bless 🙂

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Strong Woman

She carry the weight of

the world on her shoulders

Have you ever came across

A Strong Woman?

She never complains

always doing what she got

to do, to take care of home

Going to Work

Getting an Education

to show their little ones

MOMMY may be doing it


but to never give up

when seem like the


is talking about you being


I may be a single mother

but I’m doing what I

need to do to get by

Can you say the same?

A Strong Woman


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This poem got inspired by a few ladies I know and some I had a chance to get to know when I was so addicted to playing the games on Facebook. It was longer poem, but I’m thinking about breaking it down! Do Enjoy it and let me know what you think! I must say feel like I left something out.

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Babies Attack

Babies Attack

I must warn you

Of a beautiful love,

Fill with sweet kisses

One on my right

One on my left

Joy of laughter fills

The room

Mothers, Fathers, Aunts



They attack

Me with sweet kisses

It’s the thing they do

To change my mind

And spread joy

You have been warn

On how they attack


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I have two lovely little’s in my life. I will be posting a picture of them shortly,probably tomorrow since I’m fighting sleep. They always do this thing to any of us to get out of trouble and its a beautiful thing so I decided to share it with ya’ll. Do enjoy! God Bless 🙂

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You come and go

so intense

that you make me run and hide

into the dark

Some call them migraines

and some sinus headaches

I call them pain in my butt

As I lay  in the dark

The throbbing intensifies

bring tears to my eyes







The way you make me feel



In case you wondering with the extra words at the end, umm thats how I feel when I have my headaches. I feel like my head is about to explode. NO JOKE!!! Registered & Protected

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It took me a minute to get here…


Someone once ask me did I know


What I want…


The turn around and told


Me I didn’t know what I want…


Funny thing is they were right…


I never in my life


Wanted to fight for anything but


My rights


As a black woman


I find myself lately…


Thinking about


Fighting for love…


I thought love didn’t need


No fighting


If it was meant to be…


It would be…


I hate that saying…


Big time…


Then I find myself thinking…


Could any man have me wanting


To fight for love…


I’m still a little confused on it…


And been doing a debate in my head


For awhile now…


I don’t want to fight..


I want to give up!


I want to walk away…


Deep down…


All I want


Is you


Next to me…


Holding me down


Staying true to


What’s right…


I fell for you a long time ago


I thought I could


Fall out of love


With you with so many


Miles between us…


I thought no man


Could get me to change my


Ways when it came to that…


Boy was I wrong…


I thought I was solid as a rock…


I’m working on finding my way back




It’s been rough!


I never been one


To stay still for one person…


I can’t even wait…


But I know I should…


That person is everything…


I need right now…


I don’t know about




Or next year


Or later on…


But right now


I know!


I’m not trying to think about the future without




I’m not trying to picture my life


Without you…


I’m trying to dream it


Imagine it…


And while I’m at it


Pray about it!


I’m trying to make this right…


It’s hard when that person won’t acknowledge


You when they still in their own ways…


Something got to give…


It’s got me going both ways…


I always wanted to have someone that’s




In more ways then one…


Always wanted someone that


Could complete me in more ways then one


If I throw it at them…


They are going to throw it back…


Stubborn as a mule…


Mean as a snake…


But gentle to the touch


And love in his ways…


Seems like I ask for a lot…


When a lot of peeps can’t even attempt


To stay true to themselves


I’m finally…


Admitting it to myself…


Took long enough


Going on 4 yrs in May…


Well it’s been a long time and a long




Like to say Thank God for you!