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Hello and Welcome to my world. I got out of hospital the day before the 4th. Blood count had drop 6.5, but I wanted to be home. I’m off my steroids. I had stop taking them before I was cleared. But got the lovely news while in hospital. Had good nurses and my doctor wanted to be on his P’s and Q’s. Surprise me cause I was ready to get rid of him. I’m doing better then I was…Headaches are giving me hell. But I’m pushing on each and everyday. At the moment me and bro staying at parents house, we currently having plumbing problems. I’m missing my peace and quietness. I had update doctor appointment, since been out of hospital. It went good, blood count went up tremendously:) I just wanted fill you in what’s been going on since I been quiet. As of right now I’m not feeling my best and don’t know what’s going on. I’m trying to see how long I can stay out of hospital. Please do keep me in your prayers. Many Blessing:)