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I need you

I need you

I need you for reasons you cant imagine
I need you on days I want to throw in the towel
I need you even when you give me hell
I need you
I need you as much as you need me.
Needing you has become part of me
Hearing your voice reminds me just how much i need you
Healing you
Is what you need
I need you
To be ready to love me
Without your past pulling you in
To be ready break down walls
I need you
Im needing You
More and more
While needing you
I’m hurting you and us
I need you
On days I’m fighting
To not express how I feel
On days saying enough can get me by
I need you
I’m struggling on you loving me
And me letting your love heal
What’s so damage
That I’m ashamed of my brokeness
I need you


A new poem dedicated to My Love Journey and emotions. Do enjoy an der me know what you think. God Bless

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Lets bow our heads and pray

I Thank You Lord

praying for the women whose

in need

thatĀ just receive bad news on

the verge of tears

saying not again Lord

Lord I need you

praying for the one’s in need that

Struggling to come to terms

I’m Praying

for the addict who struggling

to comeĀ  clean

God you a healer

I’m a believer

I know all things are possible

In Jesus Name