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Love Thought

If She Keeps Bringing It Up, It’s Still Hurting Her… FIX ITšŸ„€šŸ’”

Good Evening, I hope so well and message speaks to someone. I had these message save for a while to share with Y’all. God Bless

As I continue on my love journey, for inspire with another message to share with y’all. Would love hear what you all may think. God Bles

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Fragile Heart

Fragile Heart: easily broken as or damaged, vulnerable delicate in appearance

Foolish: resulting from or showing a lack of sense, unwise. 2. Lacking forethought or caution.

You seem to keep going backwards & not forward.

You seem not to see whats good in front of you.

You pushing me away & you don’t know it.

You seem to want to do good, but your past

is keeping you from going forward.

Your Fragile Heart

HasĀ been broken by the same person

over & over

AndĀ  you wont let no other person have a

chance to mend what has been damage

I call it been FOOLISH at the same time

Fragile Heart

You seem to see the good in one

person &Ā that keeps hurting you

I haven’t even known you that

long, but from what I can see,

you can give a woman much happiness.

You seem to not care what I say & that

hurts me the most.

Fragile Heart

I see the good in your pa.


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I was supposed to share the poem the same day I wrote the new one. Check the linkĀĀ if you havent read itĀ  and you can be the judge of the one you like the most. Trying to do a little catch up with some of my post before the NEW YEAR & before classesĀ  starts back next week.