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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Thank you for welcoming me back and kind words. I truly can never have enough prayers and blessings. I may not be feeling my best nowadays but truly thankful to be above ground. I truly hate summertime, it takes a toll on me. Doesn’t matter if you drink plenty of fluids or not. Go outdoor seem you sweat it all out, to be honest. I have started walking again but taking it slow. And not every day due to weather and me not feeling my best. I have to admit walking does me good. Help clears my mind and just relax. I try to medicate beforehand or either after if I need it. What do y’all do to relax or just get your day started? Don’t get me wrong writing it truly helps specially when I’m on verge of snapping or blowing up. But walking omg, with music playing in my ear. Just another level for me. Going to relax and hopefully pain gets better. Hope and oray each and everyone of you are enjoying y’all weekend. God Bless

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blogHey Everyone, and welcome to my world.  I haven’t been feeling my best but been trying to do what I can, as of right now. I have made some visit to e.r since my doctor have been on vocation. lets just say them visits’ didn’t go so well. I got sent home every time feeling worse then before. First time I went, had rude nurse practiner… It took God him self for me to hold my peace and not lose it.  Next time to had cool doctor, he explain everything to me on dis visit. Since my blood count looks fine, didn’t see a reason to keep me. He also told me that I know ya’ll can have pain even if blood count looks fine and retic. He tried to do everything he could, but since obamacare everything seems to be difficult to do. Hmm always something. Must admit its getting crazy for me as a person with chronic pain, if meds at home not doing its job. Taking meds and drinking  plenty fluids (water). I guess it a roll into E.R on my death bed then I get treated the proper way. Other then that my plumbing problem is almost taking care of that’s why I’m posting from home. I’m dealing with my nagging headaches, so it’s making it harder for me to post and read like I want 2. So do bare with me. I hope everyone is enjoying there summer, I hate the summer, its hella hot.. And not good for me. Who wants to stay in the house all the time? Looks around not me…  I do pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. So thankful for all who have join my journey. I now I have been slipping big time. So do bare with me, I have been writing, I just need to type it all up so I can share it with  you all.



I haven’t did update on the lil one’s in awhile. They getting so big and tall. Lil lady is 6 now and Mr. Man is 4. School will be starting soon for lil lady and of course Mr. Man will be going back to Daycare. I must say so glad to be home to enjoy peace and quiet. Maybe my headache will stop. I’m praying it does.. They grow up so fast right? Lil lady have become so freaking sassy its driving me crazy. Nast lil attitude for someone so young. Ha, I think I maybe rubbing off on her with attitude part. Ha. Mr. Man have one as well, and his tantrum is grr… That’s all I’m saying. Nope I’m not missing them whatsoever on this point. On flip side, the MOM who had them finally came home from prison. I must say I haven’t change my mind about her. I need proof that she done change and want to be in her kids life. One visit from my lil lady, she done got worse. Attitude … I already not liking it, but hey I’m not finna stress myself about it.. Another quick way to put in hospital looking crazy… Believe that’s enough update for now…

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Day 5-8, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

thumbnailSCDHello Everyone, This has been one long week. I don’t believe I have been this sick in a long time. I havent been in the mood to blog are do much of anything. I actually started back with my studies Wednesday and havent even tempted to do any of it. I’m hoping to do some of it. I actually made calls yesterday to let them know whats going on, with me. I don’t want to be drop from my classes. I didn’t get transfusion because it’s not in my best interest, but part of me wish I had got it. I’m so weak. My blood count is still low but still holding its low. I’m 5.8 so it’s coming up a lil. So that good 🙂 I got off the fluids yesterday, which im very happy about, I got tired of going to the bathroom so much. I still have my port hook up since I still have to get pain meds, since Im still hurting. Yesterday they actually lost someone on my floor she was 100yrs ole. She was blessed to live to see such a bless age. My nurse took it hard, and I can truly understand where she was coming from. Thank you all for the prayers and comments, and do bare with me. I havent had the chance to approve comments. Even the likes means a lot to me 🙂 Im hoping to go home today are tomorrow. It maybe tomorrow because im not feeling my  best today, and I want to be at my best when I head home. I did get a chance to talk to my lil lady and she ready for me to come home to her. And im ready to come home to her as well. I told her to be good, so I hope she does, but that easy said then done.   I have had some great group of nurses, doctor. Cant really say doctors, because I only been seen one doctor. I have to make a post about that another time, right now I feel like laying back down and getting some more rest. I pray everyone is having a Bless Friday.

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Day 8, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

I believe I start this post with some good news before I start it with negative news for my dear followers. I got the good news to come home today. I find out just how sick I truly was. I knew I was sick when I find out about my blood count was 6.9 then drop to 6 the same night. I find out had fluid in my lungs and that I had touch of pneumonia. I’m still not happy about my blood count, not as high as I would like it to be, but I’m praying it be just fine before my check ups in a few weeks. I think its in a few weeks. So much on my mind. Everythingelse look good, so it was good for me to go home. Blood count was going up, it was 7.8, and I was praying and hoping it would be 8. something, but it ended up dropping to 7.6. My doctor had the weekend off, but find out Monday that he was looking over my chart and x-ray from home. Now that a man that’s dedicated to his job and patients. I wasn’t crazy about the doctor that step in for him over the weekend, he didn’t say much like my doctor does. He explains everything.  I don’t want to make this post long.  I wonder since I got so sick so soon, that much mean the month of MAY is going to be good month. I say good month because its my BIRTHDAY! A few years I be tapping 30! WOW! Is all I can say.I’m so touch and thankful for all my followers that have been with me for the long run and the new one’s I have met on the way. I haven’t forgotten about you all, it’s just my health and school has been keeping me busy and haven’t got the chance to visit and comment like I would love.  You all have been a BLESSING to me on MY JOURNEY! I do hope all is well with each and every one of you! Sending many BLESSINGS TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! God Bless 🙂




I have slip on been more of ADVOCATE for my illness, I hope soon as I get done with this semester I be better at bringing more awareness to Sickle Cell Anemia!

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IV has become
My friend
Right along with
Fluids, pain medication
Getting stuck every
So often!
Beeping from I.V
Wakes me from
Deep sleep!
Nurses coming and going
Stuck to me like Chuck
Where I go, it follows

Workn progress!

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