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Mini Update


Good Morning, I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. I’m sitting here at my eye appointment waiting be seen and wanted to check in with you all. Wow spring is finally here and the weather being a little crazy over my way,  how about y’all?  I have been doing schedule post when I know I’m not going have the time to do it a day. They truly come in handy when I’m not at my best. But not all my post or schedule. I made a error dis morning and it took my schedule post back to the 9, sorry about that y’all.  I’m hoping today appoint go well, my eyes being giving me problems and I have to have dis done once a year to make sure my sickle cell isn’t doing major damage. Lately I have being hearing how so many sickle cell warriors or dying. Always hit me hard, when I hear heartbreaking news. I know one day I’ll be call home. Every day is a struggle when it comes to my health. Some days I dont want get out of bed. Some days I want run away from a dis. Some days I just give it to God and continue my fight .  I may be strong but I do get weak at times and discouraged. Okay I’m getting carry away here. I’m hoping have a post dedicated to dis soon. Till next time pray all is well…