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My Life

How can I speak…

when I’m only one


You seem to look…

at me crazy…

Cause of the pain..

and you don’t understand…


I’m one in a million…

So many of us or losing..

the fight…

So thankful for the one..

who fought with me..

You may not hear me…

But I know many hear me..

and join me to fight for our..


Do you hear me?

I hate to yell but hell..

my pain is that intense…

NO act..

over here..

We want Justices…


We tired of been


some die in pain…

because of the abuse from

the one’s…

who supposed to help us..

Do that make you all happy?

see so many dying?

Technical I’m not finish with it but wanted to get it up, while I have the time and strength to share. I wanted to share it last month, since it was Sickle Cell Awareness Month. But you all know its every day for me… Do enjoy and let me know what you think.  The poem says a lot, so many sickle cell warriors have died this year. We don’t have it easy when we go to E.R/hospital. Since so many don’t know what it is or what we go through. We get sent home in pain or mistreated while been in hospital. I know you all have read a few of my post, and know I had could not so good nurses and doctors. I’m praying for cure for us.

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What about the Children

I’m getting tired of watching the news

As were losing so many innocent babies

to violent crimes

What about the Children

how many more have to die

before we wake up!

I count my Blessings every time

with my little one’s.

God Is Truly Good!

It’s time to wake up!

Grab hold of them and let them

know you love them.

We got to do better

too many innocent babies dying

What about the Children

I don’t care about the election

I can care less about

Whose running or not

I don’t care whose marriage going

down the drain

We need to be more focus on the little

ones of the WORLD

Throwing up my hands asking GOD

to protect them from harm

What about the Children

So many can’t have any and some of the

ones who can or harming them

Whats wrong with this WORLD

Their Blessings,

they didn’t ask to be here

What about the Children

Dying left and right,

young and old

Is JUSTICE, being done

for them?

What about the Children

Old and Young,

thats suffering with no way out

What Are We Going To Do?

4/22/ 1 2

~PJ~ Registered & Protected
Truly a working progress,actually bn working on a few days and feel like something is missing, so do tell me what you all think. Love to hear you all opinions and thoughts. God Bless 🙂

Hope to add picture of my loves later, for some odd reason having trouble…

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Today mark 10 yrs since the attack on the twin towers. So many loves one’s lost their lives on this horrible day. As I was sitting in class I couldn’t believe what I was seen. Broke my heart and brought tears to my face. So what do 9/11/ means to me? Our country getting attack, and so many men and women dying that that.  I know they never thought they would die that die or the horrible way they lost their life. Can u imagine kissing your husband/wife and kids for the last time and now knowing it?  My heart goes out to them each and every day. Mourning love one’s some who can’t even remember how their mom or dad looks because they were so young.  Don’t know whets going on. Saw their parents that day and don’t see them anymore.  What do you do on 9/11 to show support to the ones who lost everything. I make sure to bow my heads and pray for them. I pray for them men and women who are fighting overseas for us. I pray for the ones who lost their lives for fighting for us and didn’t make it back home the way they left home.