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Life Advice

I find that individuals are quick to beat themselves up for past mistakes and regrets. They only know what they know today because of their past experiences and what they currently learned from them. They weren’t the same person back then than they are today. That’s why they made those decisions. Be proud of who you are today, because going forward you’ll know better and make more mindful decisions. #lifelessons #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment

Good Afternoon, I pray everyone enjoying there weekend. Not feeling my best so do bare with me..hope message speak to someone. God Bless

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Wow Three Years Here..

It seem another year has passed, today marks my third year here with wordPress. I must admit it seem to sneak up on me every year:) I don’t consider June been my Anniversary, because I started blogging for sure back in the Fall. Once again I’m glad I made WordPress my home.. If it wasn’t for great people like ya’ll, I wouldn’t be here. Many Blessings and God Bless 🙂

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Wow two years here!

It seems today marks two years of my blogging anniversary! I was surprise when I saw the notification! Even though I been on here this long, I didn’t fully start sharing with you all to around Fall time,  that’s truly my blogging anniversary because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make WordPress my home and what to put here to share with the world! I can honestly say I made the right decision to move here from xanga 🙂 I met so many great people as well!

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My heart goes out  to

the heartbreaking family

in their time of need.

I’m praying for my

friend’s family.

I can’t say I understand

their pain.

My heart aches for the

mother who tried  to

take her life

because of the judge


I’m praying for her

and her family to stay

strong through their time of need.


~PJ~ Registered & Protected

I’m dedicating this poem to my best friend and her family. They going through some hard times right now. I’m asking you all to keep them in your prayers. The mother just receive bad news about her son. I truly don’t believe a mother should receive news like this.