Wow two years here!

It seems today marks two years of my blogging anniversary! I was surprise when I saw the notification! Even though I been on here this long, I didn’t fully start sharing with you all to around Fall time,Β  that’s truly my blogging anniversary because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make WordPress my home and what to put here to share with the world! I can honestly say I made the right decision to move here from xanga πŸ™‚ I met so many great people as well!

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  1. Happy Blog Anniversary! I love reading your words of wisdom, and I thank you for inviting us on your journey with Sickle Cell. I’ve learned so much by reading what you have been going through.


    1. Thank you KalleyC for your kind words and joining my Journey I never though I would want to share my illness and anyone would care to read about it! All it took was kind nurse giving me the ideal and many kind loving souls to care what I was going through, touch me each and every time! Thank you again! Many Blessings πŸ™‚


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