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Emotional Paralyzed

My heart has been paralyzed by emotion from my past
I believe he done played my strings as if I was yo yo
I’m bitter
And down right
How could I been so stupid?
So many signs!
My heart may never be the same
The past knows how to destroy you and bring uproar
His web of deceit
May have won this fight
I be damn if he win the battle
I may be broken
Bitter and down right ice cold
But a love of a good man hasn’t left me….
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I’m not sure on title just yet, so it may get change. Do let me know what you think. Enjoy and God Bless… of course its another one dedicated to my love journey.
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Walking Away

Not looking back..

We have being down these road before..

Can you save me?

Losing my mind..

I fought for these and it wasn’t for me


What have I done?

Everything that looks good, really isn’t good.

I’m so tired of picking up the pieces.

Can’t even let a ole love in my heart again,

because I’m Broken!

Call me Bitter..

Call me Whatever..

I’m still a child of God..

Walking Away..


Took your last call…

Read your last text..

Forgot how you use to make me feel..

Am I doing the right thing?

Can I let my guard down


You was broken when I walk in your life…

Shoulda being  a warning..

I heal you and you broke me in the worse way..

I’m done..

I have…

Thrown the keys in..

Dried the last tear from my eye’s


Deleted your love and erase

my memories of you and me?

Oh so Bitter

Oh so tired of your lie’s.

Call me BITTER..

Call me Whatever.

I’m still a child of GOD…

I’m done..

Not looking back..

Shutting the door..


Random Poem.. feelings needed to be off my chest.. Hope You Enjoy it.. Registered & Protected