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My Love Journey Thought…


As of the other day, I had to deal with someone heartache and them doing what they thought might may make them feel better but blew up in they face. Love is a serious matter,  and when you not ready move on from your past. Don’t bring drama and destruction into another person who is willing and ready for love and relationship. If you believe you need to feel petty because they broke your heart, please don’t do it. I know better,so I always ask a person will it make you feel good or not?  Well let’s just say things wasn’t good.  No person  is every worth you thinking you should forget your worth or thinking to take your life.  Till the next post…

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Hope you happy

I hope you happy with your choice
I know I am,
I feel so free. 
I gave you me
But you wasn’t happy
So these is my farewell to
I send my regards to you.
Don’t you ever say I didn’t do right
By you.
I hope you happy
Smiling with joy.
I pray the next fool,
Believe all your lies
I hope you happy ..
I’m free and I
Most admit, I never
Felt so good..
I hope you’ll happy…
Here’s my farewell kiss


Finally got inspired to write last night, before crashing out! But the rest came to me few seconds ago! Do enjoy and God Bless 🙂 Truly dedicated to My Love Journey!