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You A Queen

You a queen

Know your worth.


Look in the mirror

Value your worth

You a queen

Don’t lose who you are.

Hold on to your spark

You a queen

Know your worth

Don’t let the world dictate who you are

You a queen

Know your worth

Don’t let your surroundings break you

You are strong

You a queen



Another poem dedicated to the month. Do enjoy. Don’t ever forget your worth. God Bless

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Know your Worth


It seem so many times we

Forget just what we worth

Just because someone did you


They may have down talk us

To we feel like we was


Remember GOD created

You, so nobody should be

Able to take your worth

Easy said than done

I know

I see a love of a mother is

Been degraded by the

Father of her child

The tears show her pain her

Friends/family reminded her

Of her worth

Value your worth if we

Don’t know one else


Ladies/Gentlemen know

Your worth

God sent his son

To die for our sins

So we could live for him

I’m not preaching

I’m just educating.

Value your worth

Know your place


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