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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

thumbnailSCDToday wasn’t a good day! My pain has got worse since last post. I went to primary doctor, honestly didn’t do me no good! He treated me either kidney problems or either I got ulcer. I can’t sleep at night as it is. My sickle cell nurse told me if it get worse to go to hospital and get admitted! My primary wasn’t getting my sickle cell problem, I wasn’t worry about the problems he talking about! If I stress it kick my illness in worse 10 time worser! I can’t move or use both my arms to extent! My left side still bugging me. My second week of new term started today. So as you all know that been with me. This isn’t looking to good with stress. I have appointment with blood doctor tomorrow and I’m not even feeling him right now cause of all the pain I’m in. You can’t stick me! Nor check my blood pressure at this point in time. Now if they can get blood from my port that’s what’s up! But I ain’t having the abuse right now. To the next post. God Bless 🙂

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