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God Beauty

The way sun glares on my face,
A loving reminder I’m alive
The Beauty Of God
Feels my heart with so much
The way the wind blows
On my face, such a sweet kiss from God…
God Beauty..
Is a wonderful feeling…
The sound of laughter from True Blessings…
The rain that bless us even…
When we have so many things
To do…
Thank God..
For his loving beauty…
Seem death have call many
Home .
But many have took there place..
As they enter into heaven…
God Beauty..
Do you feel the love of God?
Beautiful weather, as well as..
Woah I thought we left winter…
I’m grateful for his loving
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Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word Of The Day)

Believers Because you prayed, stayed, fasted, given, love and obeyed God. The verdict IS. IN…The BELIEVERS Have been acquitted of any false charges..evidence..lies..slander or defamation of character..INNOCENT BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!! SO DEVIL YOUR VOTE DON’T COUNT!!! Free at last..Thank God almighty WE are FREE AT LAST!!!

 Good Morning, Hope Everyone Is having A Bless  Monday! God Bless 🙂