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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Where should I begin, I haven’t been feeling good ever since last week. I had a little trip to E.R they didn’t keep me because well my count wasn’t low enough! Go figure right? Shrugs!  I started feeling better, but you know the saying calm before the storm right? Early Sunday Morning, it hit me hard and like a ton of bricks. I felt it in my legs,arms,back,etc. I smile when I wanted to cry, took plenty hot showers and bath just to feel a little relief. I had forgotten about bengay, it came to me in dream last night. I’m trying to hold out going back to hospital because of school, semester ends tomorrow. I have to be honest, I haven’t done any homework, every time I tried the pain go bad, sounds bad or like I have excuse not to finish my homework. I’m so ashamed, but if you ever felt bad you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m so thankful for all the prayers and encouraging words, truly have touch me. I have one of the worse headaches, i don’t know how long I done had it. I’m just glad my back isn’t hurting, because it was painful to move or get up once I did sit down. I could go on and on with this post, but I do have to tempt to get some more homework done, but I do know for a fact if I’m not feeling better in the morning, I’ll be at the hospital dreading it all!  I must admit this is the worst I have felt since going into crisis and sharing with you all lovely people. I believe when I got introduce to the ideal of blogging about my illness,I was just starting out really to blogging here. It was bad then, and it’s not pretty now. So on that note, I hope everyone is having a lovely and bless night! God Bless 🙂

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Day 4, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Im still in hospital, waiting to get tranfusion. The doctor I needed to see so I can get it came early,but the main doctor came late and had my file. Let me tell you im not happy with him. Smh! I must say he came early today, now im waiting on the blood doctor to sho,his self. Still not feeling my best. Im enjoying sleeping, hate im missing school. Dont know when im going home! ;( im so thankful for ya’ll caring words and prayers! I havent bn in hospital so much before. Once or maybe twice a yr. Or no visit whatsoever. God Bless

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I’m home, and doing much better than I was. I have little pain every now and then not as bad as it was before I went into the hospital. I’m so glad to be home.   Since I’m home as you can see I want mention days etc as if I was still in the hospital. I don’t want ya’ll thinking I want pity or whatnot. I suppose to be enjoying my weeks off from school, but I have two tests to make up and my final of my Research Paper Due. I do not like the D’s in my English and Psychology class. That’s what zeros’ get you.  So I have to make a doctor appointment with my hemoglobin doctor, I will be making a post about that very shortly so I want go into much detail about it right now. But back in September after I got out the hospital and went to see him I was happy to get good news about not having to see him to the New Year. As we  all know the New Year isn’t here quite yet, so little o’ me have to see him. I see him Friday, so I will have post letting you all know how it go. I hope it goes well, I’m praying it does. I’m asking for prayers, if ya’ll don’t mind praying for me some more. If not I do understand. Oh yea if ya’ll haven’t figure out from my post I hate doctors and hospitals as well as needles and anything to do with it. I only go see my doctor or even the hospital meaning E.R if I’m feeling bad. Yea I know that’s not good in my case. Let me tell ya’ll a secret I don’t like getting stuck, I hate needles. I hate when people don’t know what they doing. I have memories of turning blue, black because they hurt me so bad because they were so careless. I remember crying so bad because I was in so much pain I had young guy come in the room who was also in the hospital and try to calm me down, Let me tell you something it didn’t work. I don’t trust peoples who have needles in their hands. I ask tons of questions. I have only a few nurses I will let touch me and not mess my face up. I’m supposed to be updating ya’ll on how I’m doing and I’m telling ya’ll my experience I see what my adopted daughter means I need to learn to stay on subject. Loll! Well I felt like it was the only chance I would want to tell the story so I had to share it with ya’ll. As I was saying at the beginning of my post doing much better just have the headaches which could be the death of me no joke. They or in painful and the medication they have me on doesn’t do anything for me.  I enjoy the good days or hours while I can

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October Update (10-1-6-11)

It’s being awhile since I had a chance to actually blog. School has being keeping me busy. Right now I’m actually working on English Research Paper and seem I maybe working on it forever and ever! Loll! No joke and yes, I’m serious. It’s hard to make argument when it means a lot to me. You probably thinking it shouldn’t be that hard and maybe you right. All I can say is I’m letting it get the best of me right now.

Yesterday I went to Florida and spent some time with the family, I needed a little get away because I’m letting school stress me out completely. Sometimes it helps to just get away so you can clear your mind and just have fun and whatnot.

 I haven’t posted about the game in awhile. I can say my boys or doing well, we still undefeated and I’m hoping to see them go all the way this year. Only time will tell and yes I’m talking about football! Love College Ball! Roll Tide Roll!

 My health as of right now is looking Oh so good, so that’s good for me. I know I still have a blog entry coming about Sickle Cell in the near future. Just trying to stay caught up with school and keeps my GPA up. I’m writing every day but haven’t made it to word press. I actually like writing my thoughts down before I actually blog.