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My port update

Welcome to my world. I haven’t blog in a while but have been thinking and contemplating on how to share more of my illness and my thoughts on different things. As I was browsing sickle cell Facebook group I came across a patient sharing what used to be my journey going to the hospital with multiple pokes and bruises. I never thought in a million years I would agree to a port. But when you tired of bn a pin cushion and having a rude ass nurse wake you out of your sleep to put a line in. You either go for line or port. I was glad my nurse was in the hallway when it happens. Some nurses or so compassionate and some just there for a check. It’s always a plus when a nurse has an illness just as bad as you and understands our pain as well. It’s funny because my doctor had been trying to get me to get a port for a while. I have always been scared of needles and still is to this day. When dealing with my port sometimes I hold my breath and they have reminded me to breathe. Everyone doesn’t know what they doing when it comes to my port. They don’t like to listen when you tell them what works and what doesn’t. The port has been a life savior for me in more ways than one. I haven’t taken many pictures showing my port, but do have one. My journey is just that (Mine). If you wondering what my port is used for. It’s for getting fluids, blood when I need a transfusion, and for meds of course. I know over the years I spoke about my port and probably when I got it. It’s good and bad with them. Hell, it’s good and bad with everything. I’m not really at my best, so I’ll end my post here. I pray all is well and everyone is staying safe and warm through the holidays. Many Blessings

My port

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Doctor Appointment

Praying for good news,havent had breakfast. I dont eat what im nervous. I thought about rescheduling I actually pick up the phone to do so and the woman was like its a hospital follow up and he wont be in for several weeks! Light bulb I need to go today, cant afford to put it off! I hate going to my primary care doctor I literally be there for three or more hours! I get bored easily and dont mind walkn out! Goes back to PATIENCE im still working on! Thats a journey in itself to be honest! 🙂 Patiently waiting…. Still waiting must say I never seen so many peoples here! Yes, yes I know its a doctor off. A place for cancer patients as well. I love how its quiet here. I love quietness if ya’ll haven’t figure it out yet! Finally got call to the back! YAY! I know it wont be long now! Praying for no needles, blood, stuck or any unpleastaness. So im a big baby. I be that! Will tell more later. My aunt texting me encouragement and sends her love she touch me and im teary she has bn my rock! God Bless

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I’m home, and doing much better than I was. I have little pain every now and then not as bad as it was before I went into the hospital. I’m so glad to be home.   Since I’m home as you can see I want mention days etc as if I was still in the hospital. I don’t want ya’ll thinking I want pity or whatnot. I suppose to be enjoying my weeks off from school, but I have two tests to make up and my final of my Research Paper Due. I do not like the D’s in my English and Psychology class. That’s what zeros’ get you.  So I have to make a doctor appointment with my hemoglobin doctor, I will be making a post about that very shortly so I want go into much detail about it right now. But back in September after I got out the hospital and went to see him I was happy to get good news about not having to see him to the New Year. As we  all know the New Year isn’t here quite yet, so little o’ me have to see him. I see him Friday, so I will have post letting you all know how it go. I hope it goes well, I’m praying it does. I’m asking for prayers, if ya’ll don’t mind praying for me some more. If not I do understand. Oh yea if ya’ll haven’t figure out from my post I hate doctors and hospitals as well as needles and anything to do with it. I only go see my doctor or even the hospital meaning E.R if I’m feeling bad. Yea I know that’s not good in my case. Let me tell ya’ll a secret I don’t like getting stuck, I hate needles. I hate when people don’t know what they doing. I have memories of turning blue, black because they hurt me so bad because they were so careless. I remember crying so bad because I was in so much pain I had young guy come in the room who was also in the hospital and try to calm me down, Let me tell you something it didn’t work. I don’t trust peoples who have needles in their hands. I ask tons of questions. I have only a few nurses I will let touch me and not mess my face up. I’m supposed to be updating ya’ll on how I’m doing and I’m telling ya’ll my experience I see what my adopted daughter means I need to learn to stay on subject. Loll! Well I felt like it was the only chance I would want to tell the story so I had to share it with ya’ll. As I was saying at the beginning of my post doing much better just have the headaches which could be the death of me no joke. They or in painful and the medication they have me on doesn’t do anything for me.  I enjoy the good days or hours while I can

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In my body
Here & there
From head & toe
One minute its
Gone & Hello
Its back
Tears of pain
Needles, doctors
So much pain
Someone dying in the
Room next door
A young lady giving birth
On the second floor
Tears of joy
So much pain
Around me


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