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Word of Wisdom

Freedom is ours once we stop living & operating with other’s opinions as our fuel. 

Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. I have been resting every since I made it home and having update appointment as well. Working on update post. 

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Update ( doctor appointment)

I’m still not feeling my best, but as of right now waiting on my blood work, so we can get things moving. My doctor appointment with primary doctor went very well to extent, I was glad to get off some medicine. And also got new poison to help me as we’ll. My headaches are getting worse, so we had to do something to help the process. I have been putting off doing update post for awhile, but with my hectic school schedule and days I’m not at my best, I wanted to share what I can. I know last year was worse then this year, the last two sickle cell episode took me back when I was younger and wouldn’t go to hospital. I haven’t had pain like that in long time, bring tears to my eyes, and no matter what they medicate me with me it wouldn’t work. I know I shared a post awhile back, I’m not been able to get transfuse, cause of warm antibiotics. I pray if it got lower then 5, they would transfuse even if it didn’t do much. Yes, I really had no reason to share post last time i was hospitalize since I know its a give or take, but I know God got me even when the doctors wanting to give me blood and I kept denied it. My blood count came up fast this time in the 8″s. I’m praying when I see my blood doctor next week it still be decent enough. I’m not going give up, I do get discourage at times, but im Bless with so many loving souls. God truly knew what he was doing when he created me , and when he place me here on WordPress to share my story. Thank you all for joining me and praying. I hope to have more share next week. God Bless 😉

No matter what you going through, never give up! Continue to fight and hold on to God hands!

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Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word of the Day)

What if I told you that your LIFE, much like that of the Ark of the Covenant, which symbolizes God’s Presence? The fact is, the devil trembles as the sound of your VOICE engaged in PRAYER ECHOES through the heavenlies. He trembles because you and I are walking, living, breathing Altars. NO LIMITS!!!



Good Morning, Its A Blessing 2 see Another Day!  I’m so trying to fight sleep! lol Had rough night helping a friend out lastnight and making sure they keep they cool. I tell you our JOBS or never done! 🙂