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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hello Everyone, I bn trying to post from my cell for awhile and bn having problems. Glad to see I can finally post from it today. I end’d up had to get a transfusion today, but I was out-patient this time around. I havent bn feeling my best, so he didn’t like that my blood count was in the 7’s, this coming from my blood doctor. I have so many doctors to keep up with. I’m on a break from my studies to Wednesday, with new classes, which of course I’m so glad about. I was so tired of the math it was kicking my butt.  I’m glad it’s not hot anymore, and thankful for the cooler weather, just not the cold weather. I do hope everyone else is doing good. I pray everyone is recovering from Sandy, and my heart goes out to you all. I hope and pray you all make it through the other storm which is a cold one coming your way. I hope to make it back to blogging soon, right now I’m taking a break to im fully 100%, I do miss blogging and reading your posts. Well I do read, I just don’t get to comment or like. I haven’t forgotten you all. I’m thankful for all the likes and prayers and comments and followers, thank you very much. Hope you enjoy my journey. God Bless Each & Everyone Of You:)


Forgot to really mention how the transfusion went, I only had to get unit. That all I got for now.