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Update(doctor appointment)

      Good Afternoon World,

 What a day, had wait an hour to be seen. That’s one of the reason I hate doctors offices, you hardly ever seen when you suppose to be seen. But honestly I can understand when you go to oncology/hematology doctor. They see so many patients, many cancer patients on top of what I have. I know some maybe getting bad news and some maybe getting good news. My heart goes out to the one’s who receiving devastating news. Today was sorta good day. My counts were 8.3 and 24. I haven’t been that high in a while. It might be from the meds that suppose to help me have less crisis, but I can’t handle them headaches with the pills. I just have to stick with my Folic Acid.  Besides I have been cutting back on a lot of things. So whose say I truly need that meds. I hate reading story of woman losing they hair to the meds.  Some even had to shave they head and go natural. Me on the other hand I’m already natural and I would hate to have to start over again on my journey. I must admit I love my doctor. I love how he talks about God and come in with good attitude. When you find a good doctor, you know you in good hands. If only he was still in the state of Alabama and not Florida.  It’s cool day here, but nice breeze and weathers. I love it. Not to hot and not to cold. I didn’t get chance see the sun till about around 1. It was gloomy all day. I must admit I might some nice people while waiting. I’m usually jamming and not paying attention to my surrounding,  but t.v no music in ears. Did have a good boom read but still had chance talk different one’s. I believe out of all them was older woman. I’m hoping she got good news, she came out in good spirits, telling different one ‘s bye and speak to them later.  Before she left she said God Bless sweetie and I said it back.  Her strength showed through her character. Well going end post here. I pray you all are well. God Bless

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I know I mention I receive good news yesterday 🙂 The good news was I went home, so I spent the rest of the day with my family. I was so glad to see my little lady , her little face lit up. She was so upset about leaving school that she was crying, she stop when she saw me. It truly made my day coming home, I must admit. I told the doctor I was ready to go home either way if I was hurting or not. Let me tell I meant it. A week in the hospital was long enough for me. I must admit I did have cute doctor, the man I saw the first night I was put in. I was excited to hear my blood count went up a little bit more. Thank God. It didn’t get check the night before, and I was off the fluid the day before for four hours, so who knows it might have made a difference. I must admit I did have a good Valentine, going home and being with the one’s I love. Nothing is better than that. In my book that the perfect Valentine. 🙂 For the first time since I have been in hospital I haven’t really been in the mood to post or comment through my ordeal. I must admit it has been one of my not so good experience in a long time. That truly says a lot. I’m not going to bore you with long story, I know you all getting tired of reading about my experience in the hospital. SO I leave it as that. Thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers, truly meant/means a lot to me. Kept me going! God Bless 🙂

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Day 5, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hello Everyone,

Time to share some news with ya’ll. As of last night I received new my count is going up. It’s not all that good, long as it’s not 7 something, I can totally dig it! lol! So I was told I could go home tomorrow! YAY! Its Morning, I have had my cup of coffee & bacon on the side! lol If you wondering if I had anything else on my tray, surely did. It was muffin, I didn’t touch it! Finally seen the doctor this morning, he ask me if I wanted to go home. UMMMMMM…… What kind of question is that? I said yes, if you wondering if I’m feeling my best. The question is NO, but I’m ready to be home. I know I’ll do what I need to do to prevent my immune system from getting attack again. The weather is no joke here. SPRING I NEED YOU! I’m just saying! 🙂 I can’t even tell you the last time I was in hospital that I didn’t have to get transfusion. So thank to everyone who has been praying for a speedy recovery. I have had so many great nurses, since I have been here. Can’t say the same for what they been trying to feed me. Not even going to go there right now!




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Update(Doctor Appointment)

I receive some good news, so I don’t have lupus and that’s real good to know. I’m not happy about how long t took my primary doctor to fax some information over that I needed to see the doctor. Last time I saw him was before Christmas I was back there and now have made it back to  the waiting room, while waiting for them to get with it. Lets just say I wasn’t happy about how everything was going. Have you ever wonder why doctor office are always cold? Well I have, I would think it be warm since its hella cold outside. Sound like they trying to send me back to E.R, but hey that’s just me over thinking the situations. What do ya’ll think? I finally left, so hopefully I wont get a bill talking about my insurance wont cover it and I have to pay whatever crazy amount. I know for a fact I have to act a fool. Another plus side of the situation is that the doctor was nice looking man. 🙂 I had to share that little info! He gave me pamphlet about Lupus, I’m just glad I don’t have it. THANK GOD FOR AMAZING GOD WE SERVE.  GOD IS TRULY GOOD ALL THE TIME. THANK EVERYONE WHO HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR ME! I never imagine my JOURNEY taking me through this, but I must say I’m so glad to have ya’ll  as a support system. I don’t know what I would do without ya’ll!

OAN: I’m feeling much better today, then yesterday. Thank God! Please do give me time to catch up on approving comments, and visiting blogs.  God Bless 🙂

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Day 6, Living with Sickle Cell Anemia

Good Mornin World, I just receive some good news. I get to go home, I may not feel my best, but glad to be going home. I want to THANK EVERYONE THAT PRAYED FOR/WITH ME, ENCOURAGE ME!  Right now waiting to get discharge. I got good news about my blood count going back up, so im excited. I so cant wait to have REAL FOOD! Lol! God Bless 🙂

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Day 4, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Another Day, still in hospital. Finally got blood yesterday evening. Taked four hours to drip and what not. But it took forever to get in touch with the doctor who approve.sighs! Not sure if im going home today! Feeln a little better then  I was monday. Thank for all the prayers you have bn sending my way. Im praying for good news and that I dont need another Unit of blood! God Bless 🙂

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