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Day 6-7, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hello and Welcome to my World! I’m hoping to be set free tomorrow! I’m feeling much better then I was last Monday when I arrived.  I pretty much got update on everything, I wanted to know what the problem was that put me in here. I actually went two different hospitals. The first one wouldn’t admitted me because of how my count was looking the same as when I was in hospital the first time. But umm lets be honest if that was the case I wouldn’t been put in hospital later that evening. I’m at the point I may need to find new primary doctor,cause I even made call to office before I went to hospital number 2!  So with that been said, ill be getting retested in morning on my labs. Right now with the two units of blood, I’m at 9 :-), which is good in my book! I’m still little worry cause I made decision against all odds! I know God got me! I have met a lot of amazing nurses/doctors. Thank for all the prayers, comments, likes. Truly meant a lot! God Bless