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I’m so thankful for all the kind comments and prayers. Only God knows all things and just how much I’m lost without my ole man.

I’m in need of prayers for comfort

I’m in need of a piece of mind


Are the only thing that will get me through all this.

One day at a time

My heartbreaking just the mere thought of not seen him anymore.

Breaking even more because of Sunday.

He just reminded us last month it was coming up.


To not question why he choice to leave so suddenly.


To know I got this thing life without him in my corner.


For comfort for my family


To keep living and not dwell on him not been here.

I know death is part of life.

It always catch me off guard when you don’t expect it suddenly


Just to keep moving day to day.




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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of The Day)

Comfort. Risk. Both are enjoyable. One we strive to create. One we try to minimize. One can make us lazy. One can make us stronger. When did you last leave your comfort zone? NO LIMITS.





Good Morning, Another Bless Day! God Is Good! I Do Hope Everyone Is Enjoying Another Work/School Week! I got the good news yesterday that I could come home, I’ll be making a post later today. Try and spend some time with my love one’s and get as much rest as possible! God Bless Each & Everyone Of You:)