Heartbreaking Story…..

Today was long day and very heartbreaking as well. I havent posted about the little one’s in my life lately. They are well, little lady is in school and she loves it… Little man is in the process of taking speech rehab. His two but doesn’t talk very well. As we was waiting for little man to come from the back, a woman came in with her beautiful grandson. Her story truly broke my heart. I was in shock. The little boy is three years old, but with 6 month of mind. She was telling us how his birth mother drop him on his head when he was two weeks old and didn’t tell anyone that it happen.  I was so shock I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Then he had fallen again when he was 6 months old from the bed. All I could think about is how this poor child been through so much and he has a lot to live for.

I may not want kids of my own, but I don’t believe in hurting a child. I have two beautiful loves in my life and they are a handful. So many people can’t have kids and would love to have them. So many that can have kids and don’t really want them. How can you find ways to harm BLESSINGS from GOD…I’ll just end it here, because it breaks my heart to speak on the matter.



  1. This breaks my heart too but I’m glad that the grandmother loves this child enough to step in and take care of it!


  2. Very heartbreaking, PJ, and I have thought the same thing about those who can’t, would be great parents and some who can, aren’t at all…The precious little gifts from God don’t get to choose their parents, unfortunately…


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