Word to the WIse (Spiritual Word Of The Day)

YOU’RE HERE FOR A REASON: The Bible says Satan works day and night building a case against you. But with God’s Word in your mouth and heart you can overcome him. When satan says give up, God says stay the course. When satan tells you to look out for numbers one, God says put the person first. When satan says its ok to hold grudges, God says forgive as often as it takes. When satan says get even, God says be a peacemaker. When satan tells you to take the credit, God says glorify Jesus. The devil will play the race card and if that doesn’t work he’ll try the childhood memories card or he’ll dredge up your past sins and remind you of all the broken promises and dreams. TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD!

~Its time we let the devil know he have no place here anymore, all he want is for us to fail and not make it to heaven. Its time to open our heart and eye’s to what the Word Of God Is Truly Saying! Tell the devil to leave the way he came, so we can follow in God footsteps….

Good Morning, Another Bless & Glorious Day! Its time to start the week all over, and let’s make it better than the week before. I do hope everyone have a Bless Monday! God Bless 🙂




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