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A Love Story Journey(true one)

I heard from a good friend yesterday. Its hard when your partner in crime n another state. Yesterday I talk about internet.If you miss out on that post please do check out My Love Journey P.5! How did I forget to share her story. I can think of a few reasons, but I ‘ll let ya’ll be the judge. My friend  met her soon to be ex. husband on MySpace. (yea who still use that site?) Not I! Anyways it started off as a friendship and move to dating soon after. Peoples what look good on the outside, doesn’t mean its good on the inside. I thought he was okay guy @ first, but he prove me wrong soon after. Have you ever heard don’t judge a book by its cover? How the hell did I let my guard down? Let me tell you probably because she had been through so much and to see her happy had me at ease. Back to the story at hand. Maybe he was to young to understand love & marriage is truly about. Sound like I’m making excuses for him. Snap Out Of Denial PJ! okay I’m getting a little carry away from my story.( sorry) He decides to pop the question and she accepted! 😦 <<<<< says it all how I felt. She find some letters and some pictures. Now if you got some stuff you don’t want your other half to see. Why keep it at all and leave it in your bags you give to the other person to hold? If you thinking like I’m thinking, we going to enjoy the love journey with me, if you not thinking like I’m thinking hmmm don’t know what to tell you. Phone call and its my friend crying, let me tell you we just had a girl day & we had good times, so I’m confuse on her crying. She letting me know I’m back on my way to your place. And shows up with all the evidence. (Engagement ring, letters). If you wondering why she marry him, that make two of us? lol This the friend I mention in yesterday post who have to learn on her own. I must say what a lesson & some drama she could’ve prevented if she listen to me 🙂 Anyways back to the story. HE DENIED ABOUT ALL THIS, YES, HE DID! If you wonder if he ever admitted to any of this. HELL NO! he said the woman he was going to marry was his cousin. OH YEA THE HELL HE DID! My friend and Ole girl had a talk & and she told it all. Did he admit, OH NO! Still all lies. Oh yea I almost forgot to let you know before they met online he was suppose to marry the other girl  a few days later. OH YES! And would;ve had a child, but they lost it. If you wondering if she knew? OH HELL NO SHE DIDN’T! Cough DENIES! OH YES!

Making the post short, sort of, he knows I don’t like him and why I don’t like him. You know in that department I can careless if he knew why.  Oh last thing almost forgot. The wedding was call off, but umm you know the rest. Oh yea let me tell you I was so busy with school I had neglect my friend. I know shame on me. I get a text letting me know she done got marry! I wasn’t happy! 😦 I was happy when she finally move back and decides to give the idiot another chance. Why? Hell IF I KNOW! Sighs! Forgive me for been everywhere with the post and for grammar errors.

Not all relationship from online will end this way, it’s just another example. I mention one that did last! You have to be willingly to take the good with the bad. I have learned to take everything I learn on relationship and put it all in my poems as you all can see. If we never had disappointments how would we be able to handle it when it comes. I have been a big fan of walking away when things get rough, I believe I still have that in me at times. I had to put that in my post in case a certain person reads it. lol

I hate to make this post so long and bore ya’ll, point of the post and hearing from my friend through email was to let me know she was going to finalize the divorce and she had find out he got some one prego. She was all sad because she doesn’t feel like a whole woman since its only 1% of chance she can have kids. I TOLD HER ITS NOT MEANT FOR YOU TO HAVE A CHILD YET! GOD HAS THE LAST SAY SO WHEN IT COMES TO ANYTHING. JUST BECAUSE THE DOCTOR IS TELLING HER SHE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE A CHILD, DOESN’T MEAN SHE SHOULD BEAT HERSELF UP OVER THE SITUATION. Sorry for all the caps look like I’m yelling when I’m not.

P.S Guys I know you all or not like this and so does she, I’m just telling you how it all went down, so don’t hate little o me. 🙂 Registered & Protected