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Word Of Wisdom

Identify when the enemy is using people from the past to get you distracted. Stay focused! #2020Vision #GoodEvening

Good Evening, God is truly good all the time. I pray the message speaks to someone’s heart/soul. I haven’t been feeling good but wanted to get settled in before I get checked out. God Bless

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Word Of Encouragment

“Stay Focused! Never Allow What You’re Going Through to Cause You to Lose Sight of Where You’re Going To!” #Greater

Good Evening, I pray all is well with each and every one of you all. Pray message speaks to someone soul as much as it spoke to mine. God Bless

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Life Advice

There are things you fix and things you do NOT fix! Whatever you do, DON’T go back!

*We need to stop going back to stuff that doesn’t make us happy

Good Morning, what a powerful message to be blessed with. Pray, speak to someone heart/soul. God is truly good all the time. God Bless

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Word Of Wisdom

“Things will happen to frustrate and offend you! Don’t take the bait!! Resist the urge to respond to nonsense. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus & purpose!”


Good Afternoon, I pray everyone is well and message speak to someone soul\heart. God Bless