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Brings me back to my childhood.
Grabbing them off the ground
The trees.
Picking them up off the side of the road
Just to get a sweet taste from the bud
Do you remember them growing up?
Been able to share the memories
With the babes.
Watching my lil lady sit on
Trampoline sucking on them
Made my heart jump for joy
To share my memories with her
And for her to enjoy it.



Day 18. Lil lady took pic of the honeysuckles. Do enjoy

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Storm Coming

Wind blowing
Trees swinging
Trees hollering
To Gods voice.
Rain playing drums on the rooftop
Do you hear the music
Do you feel it
I hear God speaking to me.
Wind blowing
Trees swinging to Gods voice.
Losing control and sending us
A warning
Get ready
Trees hollering
As I rock to his word
Do you feel the melodies
God speaking to you
Storm approaching
Yet you not moving as if you still got time
Wind hollering
Leaves blowing
Limbs breaking and flying around
Do you hear it?


Day 14. Not sure how I feel about it, to be honest. I even rewrote it and change it up more. May share it and let y’all pick which one you like. Do enjoy and let me know.

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Finally Arrived

Sound of spring I hear you coming.
The sound of spring I hear the birds chirping.
Sound of spring
I feel you
Down in body
It’s raining, letting me know April showers is here
Sound of spring
Bring me the beautiful colors
Bringing life back to nature
After the cold months
Spring ,
You finally here.



Another poem dedicated to Spring. Also dedicated to poetry month. Do enjoy and hope everyone have finally experience spring. God Bless

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Are you here?
I know they said the first day of
Spring is on the 21 of March.
All I’m feeling is the cold around me.
They said groundhog saw its shadow
I’m thinking that was a lie.
I’m starting to see the trees turn green.
Leaves falling from trees
Oh yea the pollen to set me
Sinus off.
But I’m not feeling the love.
Have you forsaken me
Do I need a call from the other side?
You know I been waiting for you.
I’m a spring baby
Waiting to feel your arrival.
Can you hear me?
I need you
I want you
Fill me up
Set me free.



A poem dedicated to the month of poetry. Do enjoy and hope you all are enjoying spring. God Bless