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Babies Attack

Babies Attack

I must warn you

Of a beautiful love,

Fill with sweet kisses

One on my right

One on my left

Joy of laughter fills

The room

Mothers, Fathers, Aunts



They attack

Me with sweet kisses

It’s the thing they do

To change my mind

And spread joy

You have been warn

On how they attack


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I have two lovely little’s in my life. I will be posting a picture of them shortly,probably tomorrow since I’m fighting sleep. They always do this thing to any of us to get out of trouble and its a beautiful thing so I decided to share it with ya’ll. Do enjoy! God Bless πŸ™‚

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Word to the Wise (Spirtual Word Of The Day)

Speak volumes on your life, dream, family, money, and watch it show you value. Wash away your pain, hurt, negativity, sadness and see how much better your life is. Give in to faith, joy, laughter, peace, love and be moved by the power of the Lord, and watch change happen for good. Be lessed and love others the way you want to be loved.


Hope Everyone Is Having A Bless Saturday! I’m Excited about my team playing today. God Bless Each N Everyone Of You! πŸ™‚